Life is not about winning or loosing

A wise old lady said, “Golf is not a game you play to win or loose. Golf is a game you play. Just play and enjoy.”

Life is too…..
[b]Life is about living. Moment by moment.[/b]
Life is not about winning or loosing.

One needs a car to travel aroung and function. Which means one needs to be incontrol of the vehicle. I am sure nobody would like the vehicle to take control of the driver.

Same is the ego. We need the ego to function in the material/physical world. Unfortunately, most of us let our ego take control and we live out life under its influence.

Ego wants to win. Ego wants to be the center of attention. Ego is self-centered. Ego hallucinates that everything is depended on itself in the world. Our insecurity, our anger, our hatred, our need for revenge, our fear, our dependence on wall street, our belief on the politicians, our action, our pride, our self-promotion, our lust, our greed, (the list goes on) all come out of the ego.

Ego is like fire. a good servant but a very poor master.

Ego keeps us lingering the past or worrying about the future.

Past is history, future is mistery, present is a gift, enjoy it.

The only way to enjoy a moment is to live the moment.

Little drops of moments make a mighty life.


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