We do not even know that we do not know

Does it matter if I can jump a hoop, to qualify as a good manager? Does my drinking beer with the associates make me a great leader? Does my being a woman make me a better leader? Does the color or my skin, or lack of color, make me a better leader?

Then why do we care if we have a president who drinks beer with us? Why do we care if my president has had a hero’s past or unaccomplished past? why do we brand a person by his past? Do we want a leader to lead the nation/company/organization, or do want to have beer with the leader?

The character of a person makes him/her a leader.

The past is done and gone. We all have made mistakes in our lives. We all have had our share of ignorant living. Nobody is perfect. So is every leader.

Leader is to be chosen purely based on the merit of ability to think outside the box. Leader is chosen based on the character of a person. All these being in the present. Leader should be chosen based on what a person is capable of doing. What makes a leader is his/her ability to lead and be in harmony with his/her subjects.

Unfortunately, people go by race, caste, sex, past history, ability to drink beer with, etc. All those are nice to go by, but has nothing what so ever to do with ones ability to lead. Then there are ones who say, “Oh I want a woman president.” How does it matter if it is a man or woman? Being a man or woman has nothing to do with ones ability to be a leader. One should be assessed based on the character and ability. One man could be better than another woman. but that does not mean anything, cause there is always another woman who is better than a man. The whole creation is relative and the relativity resides in our mind.

We live in a branded world. We live in a world where most of the people spend a good part of their life mesmerized by TV. We are so out of touch with the reality that what ever TV tells us we believe it. Many of us have programmed ourselves in such a way that we refuse, even the idea, that TV may be giving you incorrect information. TV could be giving you what they want you to believe.

Going back to the leadership qualities: If I were tall, good looking and handsome, does it make me a hollywood superstar? No, it is one’s ability to perform and produce results is what makes a star out of a person. Whether ones is a performer, a leader, a writer, a worker, what makes one successful is the ability to understand, ability to perform in harmony and ability to think lateral when needed. Ability to analyze one self.

So analyze your self. Step out of your ego. Step out the TV conditioned mind. Recognize the truth and be courageous to take action. The right action. Action that is not colored by your perception. Action that is not clouded by your mind.

I’ve heard people say, “You know such and such is a good person, good leader, but the times are not suitable for such a leadership”. This is acting out of fear. We, in our infinitesimally small understanding with in an insignificant ego, think we know the eternal. We, an insignificant speck in the universe think we know the way and the answer. We think things should be the way they are in our limited understanding.

Think again!! Know that there are forces and things out there that are so incomprehensible that we do not even know that we do not know.

Think again.


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