Yoga of Music

Tomorrow I am playing live with some good musicians at the halloween fest. It’s been a while since I have played live. I’ve been the studio for he last 1.5 years working on my first full length album. My first album, a collection of songs I wrote over a period of time, from the college days until now, is in its final few stages of production.

It feels good when we get to enjoy the fruit of our passion. For the many of us this feeling is the closest we’d be to enlightenment & sheer blissful joy.

For me music is the ultimate form of communication, a form of communication that has always existed, is existing now and will always exist in the nature and in the universe. Music is based on sound vibrations, the very same vibrations that has created this universe. In the beginning was the word, and the word is and shall be. In the India sub-continent music is considered the language of the gods.

Performing music or listening music and getting totally immersed in it is a form of yoga. The union of body, mind & spirit happens when one is immersed in the rhythmic and harmonized bond of the self with the vibrations of the music. This is a form of contact with ‘The Word’.

The only ingredient that sometimes makes music bitter is the lyrics. Words are powerful. Negative lyrics would be darkening.

I am excited to be performing live.


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