Dark Side of The Moon

Just as the moon, there is a dark side to every single object in this creation.
Including the mind.

Be aware….Be very aware of your dark side. 

Just as The Light is always with you, the dark side is too.

We are beings on a journey of varying vibrations. Sometimes we vibrate high, sometimes low. Our consciousness constantly swing back and forth between the opposites, journeying through the ying yang of the gross creation.

Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad, sometimes we are aspiring, sometimes we are depressed, sometimes we are spiritually Xtatic, other times ignorant.

We have to identify the opposite of that, that moves you forward in the direction of your true and spiritual Self, and keep away from those opposites.

Identify the negative and keep away from it. Even from your thoughts.
Thoughts is what the world is made of. well, you guyz know that….

Anyway, Always, Move towards the light. The light, that deep inside, you know and recognize you are one with. The light in which you feel the union that has been long divided.
What ever may happen all around you, move towards the light.
Move towards the light in Body, Mind & Spirit.



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