Change – Time is now!

The time is now!

May of us have already changed. Many of us are changing as we speak. Many of us see & recognize the signs. Some of us see it, but choose to ignore. Some of us see it, but refuse to believe. Some us do not see it as we have conditioned our mind and decided not to see it. Some of us do not like change.

The change is here and the time is now!

Imagine a mile wide fence between two structures. This is where we are. We are in/on the fence, moving from one structure to the other. We are in the times of change as we transition between one way to another. We are in the transition zone.

For many of us change is hard to accept or hard to go through. We are comfortable where are and want status quo. But change is inveitable. Change is the only thing in this universe that is constant.

We have new hope. We have new plans. We have a pisitive minded leader. We have a new president. Soon we will have new ways of life, we will have new source of energy, we will have new source of income, new way of coommunication, a new life a renewed and rejuvinated spirit. Not because of the president, but because we will change. There is only one way and it is going up the evolution ladder. Each of us is on a different stair of the same stairway to heaven.

It is time to shun our fears, insecurities, illusions, perceptions, boxed thinking and move on with the change.

Time and Tide waits for no one. The change will not wait either. Nature is constantly perfecting itself. we are part of the nature and we are also moving towards perfection. Perfection of body, mind & spirit.

The time is now!


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