Religion – A man made concept

Religion has nothing to do with God. God has nothing to do with religion. Religion is about community and about control of the community’s behavior and belief systems. God is the law, the quintessential primordial existence that has taken the form of this creation. God has taken the form of rocks, pebbles, oceans, drops, hurricanes, breeze, heat, cold, light, dark, plants, trees, all the living creatures, you & me. Every single piece of creation is a manifestation of the one God.

If God is the Sun, the millions of reflections of the sun in millions of buckets of water is the creation in its multitude form. You and I are the reflection of the one consciousness we call God or Laws of nature or The supreme mind or the star of creation, what ever we call.

Logical minds would understand this in the form of Gyan Yoga (path of knowledge). The ultimate knowledge, the knowledge that liberates us, is God. The supreme consciousness, talked about in the quantum world.

A medicine man considers every single speck of creation divine. peace


6 comments on “Religion – A man made concept

  1. andrealudwig says:

    You are neglecting to consider the reality of sin and the need we all have for a Savior. Be careful, because yoga is a way of getting connected to demons.

  2. anthoniji says:

    All I can say i response to the comment above, “Ignorance is bliss”.
    Please forgive me. Everybody’s belief system is their own. All of us have to learn the truth.

  3. andrealudwig says:

    Only one belief system can be the truth, and all others are false…. Were you speaking of my ignorance or of your own? God’s truth is the only truth, and you are right, we will all learn of it, either sooner, or later. We will all bow at Jesus’ feet and declare him Lord.

  4. anthoniji says:

    I was speaking of mine.
    I need to grow up in the Divine light and be in a position to love the world for what ever or how ever it is.

  5. yophet says:

    Religion is something that can not be explain rationally, It is beyond human’s brain. For those who claim they have should have to experience it properly so they would know what they have.

  6. anthoniji says:

    Totally agreed. “They should experience it properly” is the key. The current state of it is one of dogma.

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