The Word

Imagine a vehicle that has three master controls, being operated by three drivers. All three controls are equally important for the vehicle to travel successfully. All three drivers have to perform their part of the operation in perfect synergy to navigate the chosen path successfully. At the end of the journey, the drivers leave the vehicle behind and continue on with their mission.

The three drivers, Spirit, Ego & Creation. The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit. The son should always listen  to the father. Jesus said, “My father’s will is my will”. Your spirit’s will should be your ego’s will. The son will be ridiculed and must die to full fill the father’s will. But the experience of creation has to be experienced. Hence the son needs to rise again to form the perfect union of The Trinity.

There is a holy trinity with in each of us. The Trinity comes from one ultimate source.



Connect to you Spirit. Let your ego feed from your higher self. experience and manifest Creation.



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