Four Paths of Spiritual health

There are 4 different paths of spiritual well being. Path of devotion (Bhakti Yoga), Path of action (Karma Yoga), Path of knowledge (Gyan Yoga) & Path of Concentration (Dhyan Yoga).

In Path of devotion we may personify an aspect of God and fall deeply and unconditionally in love with the personified God. Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Yahweh, Allah, etc. We have an emotional connection with the world. In Path of action we perform every single action of our life by deeply and unconditionally falling in love with the action. In other words we live in the moment and give our best irrespective of the situation in everything and anything we do.

In Path of Knowledge we learn, understand and live The Law. We rationalize. The Law is unbreakable and unbendable. The law abides by us, just as long as we abide by the law. This is not a man made law. This is the law, by which, the universe creates and recreates itself. Law of attraction, law of increase, law of conservation of energy, Hiesenberg’s uncertainty principle, theory of relativity, and the list goes on.

In Path of concentration we focus inwards into our self, calm our mind and shift our self into a deeper and higher plane of existence, energize our spirit and carry the energy through the day, everyday.

Any of these 4 paths leads us to a state of higher self and helps us operate in this world from a higher perspective.

Any of the 4 paths of spiritual health will lead to enlightenment, leading to the absolute union with the absolute self.



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