Garbage Inc.,

The street that I take every morning driving to work goes along the last remains of some wonderful and fruitful orange groves. There is almost no activity after working hours. There is a tremendous beauty in the nature all around and silence in the air. This is one of those places on earth that we celebrate creation in the true spirit of our self.

Broken couches, old broken TV, torn and ragged love seats, broken kitchen sink, old tires, old refrigerator these are some of things I see along side too. At times, old consumer goods of a larger size is discarded along side the orange grove by some of our fellow human beings who perhaps do not realize the oneness of this creation and are choosing to remain primitive. Primitive in their way of life, primitive in their mind & primitive in their spirit.

The time has come for the primitive to end. It is time to grow into our higher and real self. It is time to treat our planet with respect. Not that the planet needs our respect, but because this planet Earth is the only place we have. This is our home. This is our mother, without who/which we would not exist.

Harmony is the fundamental basis of creation. Everything in creation works in harmony. Everything in this material creation, every emotion, every expression in this creation has two sides to it. In this dual world everything that happens has an equal and opposite happening. Like Newton’s 3rd law, every action has equal and opposite reaction. What you do, is what you receive. What you give you what you get. 

Weather it is a physical garbage or a mental garbage, garbage thrown at others will be garbage thrown back at you. This cycle of the garbage out and garbage in becomes the Garbage Inc.,

Let us stop being primitive and let us rise above the garbage. Garbage Inc.’s time is over. Garbage Inc., has gone bankrupt and is shutting down.

It’s time for change and it is now!




One comment on “Garbage Inc.,

  1. Yes, Anthoni, the Earth is our Mother….as we raise our consciousness we do not want to harm the Earth or her animals and other inhabitants. And yes, what we give to others does come back around. Thanks, xo

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