What is Yoga?

“Yoga means to “unite” or “join” the aspects of ourselves which were never really divided in the first place.” Swamij

Yoga means Union. it means working with each of the levels or aspects of our being individually, and then unifying all of those into their original whole, or Yoga.

Yoga systematically deals with all of the levels of one’s being, striving to experience the eternal center of consciousness. Yoga involves systematic witnessing of your inner states, so as to experientially go beyond all of them to the center of consciousness. Yoga is the practical method to realize & directly experience the truth, The Absolute Self.

Yoga meditation is a systematic process, in which you work with the grosser, or more external aspects of your being, and then move inward, doing the more subtle practices, which gently brings you to meditation.

Unlike religions, Yoga itself has no deity, worship services, rituals, sacred icons, creed, confession, clergy, institutions, congregation, membership procedure, or system of temples or churches. The word “Yoga” means “union” referring to the direct experience of the wholeness of ourselves at all levels. While the word “Yoga” comes from traditional Sanskrit language, that union is a universal process. The inner calling for that wholeness has also been called the “mystic” longing. 


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