Two of Us

Lower self-Higher self, Ego-Spirit(or soul), Son-Father, I-We; whatever name we call or however we define the duality of our beingness, it needs to be understood that our true mission is to identify our true self. A self that is the state of perfect harmony of the two. The lower self constantly feeding from the higher self, the ego inspired by spirit, son always doing the father’s will, dissolution of the perception of being separate from everything around, within or without.

To put in a lower and in a material form; Out of the several components (both soft & hard) that encompass and constitues a computer, let us create a story of The printer and the processor. The printer get’s all the precise information it needs to print a beautiful picture, from the processor. The processor which is responding to external input, needs the printer to be able to perform the act of transforming an image on to the paper. Each needing the other to execute the plan at hand. If the printer concludes, it knows everythng about printing and decides to ignore the processor, all it will print is gibberish; and if the processor concludes, it knows everything about printing and decides to ignore the printer, there is only inaction, no output, no contribution towards the plan at hand.

The ego is a tool provided to us, so we can operate in the material/physical world, your spirit the processor. Your spirit which is even higher than your mind (mind itself being a tool) needs to respond to all the external inputs. Your spirit needs the ego to perform the actions (then of course the ego uses the body to execute physical action, if needed).

Action and change is the very essence of time as we know it. Without ego there is no action and inaction  results in no contribution which makes ones life dissociated from the ginormous & universal divine plan.

Ego by itself feels that it is separate from others, Spirit feels the oneness of all. Identify your true self. A self that is beyond the I, me, mine. A self that lives in faith moment by moment guided by the grandfather spirit.




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