The Question (What’s you answer?)

One afternoon, I was walking by the lake. “Hello  there! anthoni”, I heard a voice. Mr Sam was sitting on a rock by the lake with his lure  in the water. “Catching you dinner, Mr. Sam?”, I inquired. The response to which perplexed me. “I don’t eat fish”, he said and chuckled. I smiled and continued on my walk around the lake.

Later that evening I was walking through the woods, when a stranger walked up to me and expressed his desire to have a conversation with me. He introduced himself as Gob. I gladly agreed. We walked and talked on various political, religious, philosophical & metaphysical matters. What he said next, sent shivers down my spine.

He said, “I am Gob from a world system above and beyond your 4th dimensional world. I am here with a requirement, and I need your permission so I may fulfill that requirement”.

The fact that I was openly communicating (talking) with an extra terrestrial being made my heart jump. After calming myself down, I asked Mr.Gob to prove he was not human. He instantly shape shifted into his original form amd communicated telipathically. Immediately I knew, he was several times more powerful than the most powerful creature on our planet; physically, mentally & spiritually.

“What is your requirement for which you need my permission”, I asked .

In his home world, they are the only surviving species. For the amusement and recreation of his citizens he plans to set up a fun/recreational park. In this park, amongst many other amusements he wanted to have a recreational sport, equivalent to fishing, hunting and exhibition of exotic species. For which he needed humans. Lots of humans. Irrespective of age, sex, color or looks.

His people would be amused by the caged exhibition of earth humans. To compound that, they would also be able to fish and hunt humans as part of their recreational activity. I froze for a moment. I composed myself and we started walking again.

I asked him if this was acceptable in their community and does his commander condone this?To which he said that even if one human agrees, his people and their commander would accept his proposal for the amusement park. 1 agreeing human is all it takes and their people will start their recreational activities on a few chosen thousands, which of course would need constant replenishment. With this Mr Gob left me promising to come back for my response.

I was alone, the air was cold………..

Just like the recreational & amusement parks/activities, such as fishing, hunting and caged display of creatures, as we have on earth, the same was the E.T’s requirement. A fun place where their citizens can go with their families, watch animals do tricks, fish and/or hunt for amusement. A fun and/or relaxing place.

Sounds like a Zoo with fishing and hunting facility, doesn’t it? A trip to the Zoo and recreation via fishing and hunting, sounds great, doesn’t it? Don’t some of us love to sit by the lake and fish or walk through the forest hunting? Sounds relaxing, does it?

So what should I say to Mr. Gob when he comes back. Yay or Nay?




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