A Glimpse into The Living Universe

From a microscopic organism to giant galaxies and celestial bodies, we are all connected and co-dependent.
As per the Law of Trogoautoegocracy, The radiation of all the metals within the entrails of the Earth, where they develop, is transmitted to other planets of the infinite space. All the worlds are sustained by all the other worlds; this is obvious, unquestionable, evident, and manifest. Thus, the cosmic balance is based upon this law of reciprocal planetary nourishment. By this reciprocal nourishment amongst the worlds, by one sustaining the others, a wonderful and perfect planetary balance is adjusted.

This great law is processed in accordance with the laws of the Holy Triamazikamno (Holy Three) and of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh (the Law of Seven).

The Law of Three is formed then by the three principles: Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation. The latter is of course the force that conciliates the affirming force with the negating force, thus, this is how the victim is devoured by the predator to which it corresponds, in accordance with the law. The tiger swallows the humble rabbit; here the tiger would be the Holy Affirmation, the rabbit the Holy Negation, and the force that conciliates both of them is the Holy Conciliation. The positive, negative, and neutral. The Holy Conciliation, conciliates them (Affirmation & Negation) and make them a unique whole. This is the Law and this law is fulfilled in spite of opinions, concepts, customs, etc…
During the cosmic manifestation, each one of the three forces works independently and separated, but always unite to its origin.

-From Gnostic teachings
peace & love


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