Whatever happens, happens for your own good

“But in a situation in which we have no freedom to act, we should try to accept it as the Divine Will.” – Amma

Once upon a time in India, there was a king. He had a very wise minister who had been on a spiritual path all his life. He used to believe in a principle called “what ever happens, happens for your own good”.

One fine summer day the king and his minister went on a hunting trip, deep into the forest. The king, in his excitement, kept going deeper and deeper into the forest until they reached far into unchartered territories, and were lost. It was just before sunset that a tiger suddenly attacked the king. The minister and the king bravely battled the tiger with their swords. After a good fight the tiger ran away into the jungle. In the process of fighting the tiger, the king lost his thumb. He was very upset about loosing his thumb and began cursing the tiger. The minister, upon seeing the kings anguish said to the king that he should be glad he still has his life; and he added the spiritual understanding that whatever happens, happens for your own good. At this the king was very upset and pushed the minister into a nearby well. The minister fell into the well and his only way out was if the king helped him out. After a little while the king went to the well and asked the minister if what happened to him was for his own good, and the minister agreed, that what ever is happening to him (being stuck in the well), is happening for his own good. The king laughed, called him a fool and left him in the well and walked away. By this time it was getting dark.

Walking in the dark, the king ended up in a tribal territory. These tribes used to sacrifice humans to please their gods. They captured the king and imprisoned him to be sacrificed to their gods the next day. Next morning when the king was taken to the sacrifice alter, the chief priest upon seeing that the king did not have a thumb asked his people to let him go, as they could not sacrifice an incomplete human, because the sacrifice had to be a complete sacrifice. As a result the king was let go. That is when the king remembered his ministers words. He ran back to the well in which the minister spent all night waiting to be rescued.

The king pulled the minister out of the well and apologized to him for the leaving him there for saying the words “what ever happens, happens for your own good”. The minister was calm and composed, he asked the king not to apologize to him and repeated that what ever happened to him, happened for his own good. If the king did not push him into the well and he accompanied the king, he too would have been captured by the human sacrificing tribes and he would have been sacrified as he would have made a perfect sacrifice for their gods. He was thankful that he spend the night in the well.

So, what ever happens, happens for our own good. What ever we may think about it at that time, but in the end everything will turn out to be all right.

So have fun!

peace & love



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