Does humanity deserve planet Earth?

Does humanity deserve planet Earth?

If you take an authentic survey of the entire world you will find that overwhelmingly large number of people will agree that they deserve the planet. The opinion of the majority is expected, as this is the mind’s response.  Even though everybody knows at the back of their mind that we have not treated mother nature with respect, operating from the mind, preserving ‘I’ and ‘my interests’ are the primary and obvious priority of humanity. If you truly put your mind aside and take an unflinchingly honest look at humanity and its history, what will you find?

Even though we have had several masters and prophets come to us in the last few thousand years, showing us the truth and teaching us how to be, we have degenerated. We merely played a mind game. We made them our gods and prayed to them for consolation of the mind, while we continued to live the same way. We have diluted the masters and prophets teachings and justify our thoughts, words and actions based on the standards of man-made social laws.

Sure! we have made tremendous advancement in fields of industrialization and technology, despite all the advancement, and space annihilation, we have been all about ‘I, me, mine’. We have always been about ‘what’s in it for me?’

We may choose to blame the present state of the world on greedy politicians and corporations and we may be beginning to protest, what needs to be realized is that we are equally responsible for this state of affairs. We have agreed to partake with those politicians and corporations either by accepting their ways, or by reaping a profit out of supporting them, or by being a part of them,  or by being neutral about it. Each and everyone of us is responsible for  the current state of affairs, irrespective of the political division of the world you live in.

Looking at humanity from nature’s perspective, we have become a disease for the planet. An organism whose life style is not in complete alignment with nature. An organism that is actually a colony of 7 billion rapidly multiplying humanoid bodies. An organism that lives in disharmony with its own kind. This organism is guilty of abusing and raping the bounty of nature for financial and egotistical gains. This organism ‘humanity’ has allowed ‘money’, a figment of its selfish mind’s imagination, to be the ruling factor.

Does humanity deserve planet Earth? If you take an authentic survey of the entire world, including all the animals, plants, trees, minerals, nature and everything that is part of this planet, you will find that humanity will be voted out of existence by nature.

So the question remains, does humanity really deserve planet earth? Does mother Earth deserve recovering from human cancer?





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