Chemtrails – It may not be what you think.

Contrary to what some believe about chem-trails, my observations have led me to believe that the chemicals being sprayed at high altitudes in the atmosphere has nothing to do with instigating genocide or inducing diseases orchestrated by the covert government or some secret society.

Sure! secrecy is being maintained by the same covert groups who are financing these spraying of chemicals in the air. Even the face of the government, like the president, prime minister, secretary, etc, deny this and attribute them to be contrails. The purpose though kept secret, i believe, has little to do with mass extinction of  population, even though the exploding human population is tilting the natural balance to a state of disaster.

If the elites, who control and run the world affairs, are spraying chemicals in our atmosphere to achieve de-population, would they not keep themselves safe and protected from it? In which case there would be no chem-trails over the Buckingham palace, or the Windsor castle, or the Holyroodhouse palace, or the Capitol building, or the White house, or Westchester County New York, and many such places. Yet, on my recent travels around the world, I found the skies over these places to be filled with chem-trails.

One observation I have made over the last couple years is that, more than 90% of the time, 4 or 5 days after the aircrafts spray chemicals in the atmosphere, it invariably rains in the neighborhood. Once the chemical spray is started, cloud formation is seen. In a day or two, temperature drops, winds kick in. In the next couple days, clouds thicken and it rains or snows.

This begs the questions, are these chemicals sprayed in the air to create artificial rains? Is it being done consistently to mask the global weather change? Are they attempting to cool down Earth’s temperature rise? Have the seasons of the planet changed? Is that why in U.S. we have not had a regular winter this year? Why are they manipulating weather? Why are these chemicals sprayed only around cities and towns? What is going on?

What ever the real truth is, one thing I have learnt from watching the scorched skies is that, we do not need a weather man to tell us when it would rain. Observe the sky and the density of chem-trails will tell you what to expect.





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