From Solar energy to Light energy

I came across these Citizen watches that operate on this technology called the Eco-Drive Technology, and this came to me.

These Citizen watches are solar powered watches that recharge through any source of light. This, to me, is the future of energy and technology. These citizen watches are like the first steps in the giant leap of man-kind. This technology will lead us into times where all our energy is derived directly from light; whether we drive cars, illuminate darkness, play electric guitars, refrigerate, heat, etc. Just like the phones evolved from a large wall mounted mechanical device to a tiny complex multi-tasking electro-digital device, solar panels will evolve. One day one small piece of a solar panel will be able to supply energy for a large home or a large community.

We will then realize that we are the people of light and light is all we need to sustain our lives, even our body. We then will live to our true self, the light beings that we are.




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