Am I who you think I am?

There is a reason why this article is written in first person.The subject matter is applicable to every one and the idea is to have every reader read it in such a way that it appeals to their real inner self. The heart of who they are. Not the physical heart that pumps blood, but the core. The center of the being that makes you, I and them. So here it is.

I have three layers of me, broadly speaking. The first layer is like a mask. The second layer is with that mask taken off and the third layer is the deep layer which only I know.

There is a certain way I behave and appear when I am interacting with the world. I am extra careful and watch myself as to how I come across and how I communicate. I watch myself so I do not portray any of those behaviors which I would not want the world to know. I have the mask on. The mask by which people know me by.

That mask comes off when I am home with my family or the ones closest to me. I am not too careful about how I come across and how I communicate with them, and generally speaking, they know me in a slightly different light; with my mask off. There are certain behaviors that come out in the open in this setting. I have my mask off, the face by which my home mates/family knows me by.

The thirds layer is the deep layer of feeling, emotions and thoughts to which only I have access and nobody else, however closely related they are to me. This is the layer which is known only to me and I have the choice of bringing them out in the open or keeping it to myself. There are certain, thoughts and behaviors that are known only to me. Only I know this layer.

Of course, there is another layer which is so deep and hidden that even I do not know about it and sometimes others notice them, but that is a whole another topic.



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