The sky is smeared with chemicals

cgo0176lThe sky is smeared with chemicals hazardous to health and life itself. Most people are totally oblivious of this fact. The very few that are aware of this are not in a position to act upon it and counter it or even stop it. Of course, they speak up and post pictures and messages over the social networking sites with the idea of spreading the knowledge, but that is the extent. While some people do that, the forces continue spraying more and more chemicals. The fact remains that nothing is being done actively. Even if most of the people, or even all the people become aware of this, are they willing to take action? or are they too complacent thinking that somebody else will stand up against this one day? Is everybody too busy with their hamster wheel of daily life that we have no time to stand up against the injustice that is being done against all humanity?

The question is not why the ones who are spraying our air with chemicals are spending millions of dollars to do so instead of spending that money for a better cause. The question is not even why are they spraying those chemical. The question is not even as to why the number of chemtrails are increase day by day. The question is not even as fundamental as ‘who is funding this operation?’.
The question is, how long are we going to ignore it?


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