Israel – The Land belongs to the Jews?

A small part of land that was carved out of Palestine and agreed upon to call Israel, was because of the British empire’s decision in 1940s. The British empire’s decision was mostly forced upon by political and economic pressures.
Since then Israel has murdered many hundreds of thousands of humans, including children; and have expanded their occupation way more than what was given to them back in 1948.

If the Jews claim that, that part of the world/land belongs to them because it was so many thousands of years ago, then let that principle apply to other countries too, including America, especially America then, under the same principle, America should return the land to the native American tribes cause this land has been theirs for ever until the settlers occupied their land, Mass murdered and genocide’d them. That was only a few centuries ago.

Is Palestine expected to accept Israeli occupation? Why?

You give a person a room in your house for him/her to live in. By hook or crook, that person slowly takes over most of your house. Is it then expected that you accept the fact that that person has taken over your house and be ok with it?, Instead of working towards removing that person out of your house?


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