ourney towards a target becomes steeper under the influence of the negative energy that lie by the wayside. The journeyman walks the path that could be brought to an end by the wayside downers or traveling uphill, focusing on the target. Sometimes alone, sometimes with help. Like an elephant that walks majestically towards water despite the wayside dogs barking at it.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Anthoni Ji, a songwriter at heart, singer in the making, guitar player ever learning and a novice writer. I was born, raised & educated in India. A country that has had great traditions, cultures & a very deep, symbolic and profound philosophy. But, I was raised in a catholic family and attended catholic missionary schools – from first grade to high school. I was blessed with an ability to score straight A’s all through school. 80% of the time ranking number one in the class in the study of 3 indian languages, english, maths, sciences and social studies. We also studied moral science, catechism, some physical exercises. 

India celebrates teacher’s day, children’s day & parent’s day. These three days, every year, the cultural side came alive. The relationship and symbiosis between a teacher, a student and a parent is celebrated and honored. The school used to have, all morning or all evening, stage and performance. In grade III, I was discovered by a teacher as a singer. For a few years, in all the three events, I sang a song. I did some plays too, mostly comic. In junior high, I played cricket for the school team. I was not so good at it but some how I managed to be a part of the school team. After graduation, I went to a university and studied engineering. These were the learning days, for me as a musician. I played in different bands performing mostly covers. Played and sang any music from the beatles, dire straits, deep purple, pink floyd, guns n roses, ac/dc, manowar, metallica to slayer with different bands. For a short period I got into virtuoso guitar players and made an attempt at playing like paul gilbert, vinnie moore & steve lynch.

Today, I live in the mountains of the sunny southern california where we have white christmas and a bright sunny summer. My first music album, a collection of songs I wrote over a period of time, from the college days until now, is in its final stage of production. Early next year is when I set the target for the release of my work to the world. In the meantime, I work full time as a senior analyst to pay the bills.


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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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