What is Paradise, that various religions mention about?

Garden-of-Eden-What-Really-HappenedWhat is Paradise?

It surely is not a place outside oneself? Cause outside oneself is only the physical manifestation of the universe; like plants, animals, mountains, planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, etc. ONLY MATERIAL!
The spiritual world, where the paradise is, is not in the material world. Then where it is? it’s not outside? No, because outside is merely a very very small portion of that ONE God’s creation. Most of his creation is within oneself. Within you , with in me, with me each of us. One has to find GOD (or Allah, or Paramathma, what ever name or language you call him/her) by oneself. Each has to strive and learn to find the paradise with in each of us.

Master’s teaching’s are to be followed, not the Master’s follower’s teachings. One can be of any or no religion, but living life following those teachings, is what is called for. The same teachings were taught by Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna, etc; only the settings were different, because of cultural, geographical and language differences.
What an Englishman calls Water, an Indian calls it Paani. Which does not mean that one is actual water and the other one is fake water. Water is the same, and both waters, what ever name you call it by, will quench everyone’s thirst the same exact way. No discrimination!

Each of us is actually NOT separate. Only we don’t see it because we are localized in our experiences and personifications. It’s like one head having eyes all around and every where. How then can one eye say to the other that what it sees is the only truth, and what the other eyes see is not? Each eye gets to see what is in front of it. What one eye see is true to it, and what the other eye sees is true to it. Which does not mean what the other eyes see are not the truth. They are, only they are localized and personal truth’s. Not truth in it’s entirety.
God and Universe is ONE manifestation, flowing from inside to outside, and manifesting, from spirit, astral, etc worlds to our physical world. Physical world being one of the grossest form of manifestation, as far as vibrations go.

Imagine a very extremely large hot air balloon. The physical universe is like that small basket at the bottom of the balloon where people ride in. The rest of the balloon is like the rest of the universe.



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We live in a left brain society

We live in a left brain society where intuition has not much value over logical and well thought out process. But the reality is that intuition is correct all the time. Of course this requires one to be completely in touch of his or her higher self and operate from a pure heart. Perhaps pure heart is an obsolete quality in modern times.

We live in a left brain society where ‘out of the box’ thinking is very likely to be ridiculed and disregarded over “tried and true” solution. But the reality is that we as a society are still attempting to fix our crumbling world using the same old ways. What is funny, is that the so called economic, climate and political guru’s are doing this while they expect the result to be different. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

We live in a left brain society where ranked authority structure is preferred over collegial authority structures. This results in different levels of society, one deeming better than the other or one living a life style more comfortable than the others. It seems to me that human animals operating from the ego have a primitive need for a superiority complex.

We live in a left brain society where emotions are not given much importance except in a personal/home situation. Many times even that is dwindling away. We are taught to put our emotions aside and get to work, while the truth is that working off of emotion will lead to a positive result as long as the emotions are positive.

We live in a left brain society where everything is required to be planned and structured rather than being fluid and spontaneous.

We live in a left brain society where we are taught to looks at differences rather than looking at similarities, hence we are divided based on religion, color, class, nationality, looks, choices, preferences, etc, etc; the list is long.

Not that operating from left brain is bad, but what is bad is discarding or reducing the usage of right brain. A balance is needed in the society, a balance that is nonexistent today. Human’s inharmonious way of living with rest of nature is a great example of its unbalance.

Hope very soon we learn to operate from balance, or even let the right brain lead the left brain, and once again humanity can transform from human animals to human beings.


We allow, hence it happens

In the medieval times, there once was a king who hearing that the prince of a neighboring territory was advancing upon his capital to lay siege to it, held a council, calling all the people for advice as to how to defend the country from the enemy.
The engineers advised the building of a high earthen mound with a huge trench all around the capital; The carpenters proposed the construction of a wooden wall; The shoe-makers suggested that the same wall be built of leather, for ‘there is nothing like leather’ they said. But the blacksmiths shouted out that they were all wrong and that the wall should be built of iron. And then came the lawyers with the argument that the best way to defend the state was to tell the enemy in a legal way that they were in the wrong and out of court in attempting to confiscate another’s property. Finally came the priests, who laughed them all to scorn, saying, ‘You are all talking like lunatics! First of all the gods must be propitiated with sacrifices, and then only can we be invincible.’

Instead of defending their kingdom they argued and fought among themselves. Meanwhile the enemy advanced, stormed and sacked the city.

Even so are men (as in humanity).

Upon reading this story, one question comes to mind. Aren’t we the same today?

We propose, suggest, shout out, argue with, laugh at or scorn at the ‘matter-of-fact’ while the ‘matter-of-fact’ takes its course of action and we face its consequences. We keep proposing, suggesting, shouting out, arguing, laughing at, or disdaining the ‘matter-of-fact’ while the ‘matter-of-fact’ takes its course of action and we keep facing the consequences.

We have allowed the government to be contaminated by the politicians, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the politician to run the government when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand the true meaning of service.

We have allowed our community (as humanity) to be contaminated by the deceiving, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the deceivers to run our community (as earth-ians) when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand oneness.

We have allowed our spirituality to be contaminated by the ignorant, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the ignorant to run our spirits when it really should be run by men of wisdom who have higher knowledge.

We have allowed our ecological system to be contaminated by the greedy, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the greedy to run our ecological system when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand and respect the symbiotic system.

We have allowed our cultural system to be contaminated by the manipulators, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the manipulators to run our cultural system when it really should be run by men of wisdom who operate from their heart center.

We have allowed our history to be contaminated by the liars, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the liars to teach us history when it really should be taught by men of wisdom who know the true lineage of humanity.

We have allowed the financial system to be contaminated by the hoard, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the hoard to run the financial system when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand energy and its flow.

We have allowed our mind to be contaminated by misinformation. We have allowed our emotions to be controlled by the external world. We have allowed our body to be affected by external stimulus.

We have allowed negative aspects of humanity to run our world, our home, our mother Earth.

Why are we allowing this? Why are we allowing these ‘matter-of-facts’ to take their course of action and then face their consequences?

It is time to stop letting the unworthy run our world. It is time to rise and shine as humanity in its true spirit. It is time to clean up the mess and look forward towards a future that may be filled with lots of hardship, but it is the one that paves way to the golden age. Many of us will depart this physical world by choice or by force. Some of us will have to remain in the physical world under all conditions and circumstances to ensure the continuation of humanity in its physical form.

peace & Love

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The American Dream

The American dream (or any man made material dream in any country) is a conditioned desire programmed into our life system by the force which does not want us to realize our true nature. The true reason why the force wants you to be ignorant of your higher and glorious self is for you to delve and recognize.

The concept of money was introduced and a material dream was conditioned in your mind. The force supplys you the money you need to live that dream with a condition that your return that supply of money back to the force with interest. This way one is constantly in the debt with the force. The force has set the dream in such a way that one is constantly spending his/her time earning money in order to return it to the force. This way you are tied to the hamster wheel and you run and run and run the wheel in order to sustain your material dream. Absorbed and inundated by this conditioned need to live a labeled material dream, our programmed mind keeps us away from aspiring and achieving our true higher self.

Being in our higher self brings us to a realization that the material world is like an eternal flowing river. At any time we can dip into this river and drink the thirst quenching water we need for our sustenance. Everything in the material world is flowing through us, just as long we allow it to flow. But we have a tendency to want it all of it for ourselves. This stagnation prevents the flow and we ourselves become an obstacle to our spiritual growth. This tendency stems from one of the seeds of desire taking birth from the 4 primitive fountains of food, sex, sleep & self-preservation. These are the 4 primal desires in the material world. Wealth, which is a collection of the means to satisfy the 4 primal desires, is a super desire encompassing all the 4 primal desires. The idea of  gathering material wealth is sold to us in exchange for our ignorance to our higher real self.

Time has come to shake the dust off, break loose the chains and move out of the darkness into the shift. A shift that is already in happening and contantly accelerating. 

Wake up! Time is now!



Garbage Inc.,

The street that I take every morning driving to work goes along the last remains of some wonderful and fruitful orange groves. There is almost no activity after working hours. There is a tremendous beauty in the nature all around and silence in the air. This is one of those places on earth that we celebrate creation in the true spirit of our self.

Broken couches, old broken TV, torn and ragged love seats, broken kitchen sink, old tires, old refrigerator these are some of things I see along side too. At times, old consumer goods of a larger size is discarded along side the orange grove by some of our fellow human beings who perhaps do not realize the oneness of this creation and are choosing to remain primitive. Primitive in their way of life, primitive in their mind & primitive in their spirit.

The time has come for the primitive to end. It is time to grow into our higher and real self. It is time to treat our planet with respect. Not that the planet needs our respect, but because this planet Earth is the only place we have. This is our home. This is our mother, without who/which we would not exist.

Harmony is the fundamental basis of creation. Everything in creation works in harmony. Everything in this material creation, every emotion, every expression in this creation has two sides to it. In this dual world everything that happens has an equal and opposite happening. Like Newton’s 3rd law, every action has equal and opposite reaction. What you do, is what you receive. What you give you what you get. 

Weather it is a physical garbage or a mental garbage, garbage thrown at others will be garbage thrown back at you. This cycle of the garbage out and garbage in becomes the Garbage Inc.,

Let us stop being primitive and let us rise above the garbage. Garbage Inc.’s time is over. Garbage Inc., has gone bankrupt and is shutting down.

It’s time for change and it is now!



Life is not about winning or loosing

A wise old lady said, “Golf is not a game you play to win or loose. Golf is a game you play. Just play and enjoy.”

Life is too…..
[b]Life is about living. Moment by moment.[/b]
Life is not about winning or loosing.

One needs a car to travel aroung and function. Which means one needs to be incontrol of the vehicle. I am sure nobody would like the vehicle to take control of the driver.

Same is the ego. We need the ego to function in the material/physical world. Unfortunately, most of us let our ego take control and we live out life under its influence.

Ego wants to win. Ego wants to be the center of attention. Ego is self-centered. Ego hallucinates that everything is depended on itself in the world. Our insecurity, our anger, our hatred, our need for revenge, our fear, our dependence on wall street, our belief on the politicians, our action, our pride, our self-promotion, our lust, our greed, (the list goes on) all come out of the ego.

Ego is like fire. a good servant but a very poor master.

Ego keeps us lingering the past or worrying about the future.

Past is history, future is mistery, present is a gift, enjoy it.

The only way to enjoy a moment is to live the moment.

Little drops of moments make a mighty life.

About Me

Journey towards a target becomes steeper under the influence of the negative energy that lie by the wayside. The journeyman walks the path that could be brought to an end by the wayside downers or traveling uphill, focusing on the target. Sometimes alone, sometimes with help. Like an elephant that walks majestically towards water despite the wayside dogs barking at it.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Anthoni Ji, a songwriter at heart, singer in the making, guitar player ever learning and a novice writer. I was born, raised & educated in India. A country that has had great traditions, cultures & a very deep, symbolic and profound philosophy. But, I was raised in a catholic family and attended catholic missionary schools – from first grade to high school. I was blessed with an ability to score straight A’s all through school. 80% of the time ranking number one in the class in the study of 3 indian languages, english, maths, sciences and social studies. We also studied moral science, catechism, some physical exercises. 

India celebrates teacher’s day, children’s day & parent’s day. These three days, every year, the cultural side came alive. The relationship and symbiosis between a teacher, a student and a parent is celebrated and honored. The school used to have, all morning or all evening, stage and performance. In grade III, I was discovered by a teacher as a singer. For a few years, in all the three events, I sang a song. I did some plays too, mostly comic. In junior high, I played cricket for the school team. I was not so good at it but some how I managed to be a part of the school team. After graduation, I went to a university and studied engineering. These were the learning days, for me as a musician. I played in different bands performing mostly covers. Played and sang any music from the beatles, dire straits, deep purple, pink floyd, guns n roses, ac/dc, manowar, metallica to slayer with different bands. For a short period I got into virtuoso guitar players and made an attempt at playing like paul gilbert, vinnie moore & steve lynch.

Today, I live in the mountains of the sunny southern california where we have white christmas and a bright sunny summer. My first music album, a collection of songs I wrote over a period of time, from the college days until now, is in its final stage of production. Early next year is when I set the target for the release of my work to the world.