Cultural Colonization

east__-__west_648125What we see today in the world and what is called modern civilization and culture is really only the British culture, or the queen’s culture or if you may call it the western European culture.
Collectively, the British and the Spanish empire have systematically waged a silent and covert operation of cultural colonization. Of course they call it modern governance, scientific progress and above all ‘justice’.
Slowly, but steadily this colonization has been successfully wiping out the eastern, African and other indigenous cultures. The culture of harmony, awareness, spirituality and self-realization has been slowly but surely being replaced with the one of external growth based on profit, ego and self-satisfaction.
Rich eastern culture, which is diluted and pretty much non-existent, depended on Living in the now, Valuing rest, being Passive, Contemplative, Accepting what is, Living in nature, Wanting to know meaning, Lapsing into meditation, Focusing on self-abnegation, Learning to do with less, Honoring austerity, Cherishing wisdom of years, Retiring to enjoy the gift of your family, etc.
The western culture, which is predominant in the so-called ‘modern and civilized’ world depends on Living in space, Valuing activity, Assertiveness, Diligence, Seeking change, Wanting to know how it works, Focusing on self-assuredness, Attempting to get some more, Being successful, Honoring achievement, Retiring to enjoy the rewards of your work, etc.
Learning from eminent predecessors how to live a fulfilled life as a human being is the true goal of traditional Eastern education. The root of the Eastern mind is selflessness. On the other hand, the modern Western way of life is based on a subject-object thinking, and making dichotomizing distinctions, hence causing suffering.
We live in a world that is rapidly approaching ONE WORLD culture, which in reality, if you examine closely is the culture based on the British/Spanish ways of thinking.
We are not too far away from ONE world culture, ONE world economy, One world currency, ONE world government and ONE world order.
What a wonderful world!





The first step in getting change around us is for us to recognize what is WRONG. That is 50% of the battle and that’s where some of us come in with our articles and posts. Of course we get labeled as ‘being negative’, ‘conspiracy theorists’, etc.

The second half is getting it CORRECTED, that is where the citizens themselves have to play a role, each and every single one of us. Not just the few, but each and every one of us.

The real power lies with us the citizens. Please DO NOT depend on the politicians, leaders, celebrities, pop-stars, etc to make the change for you.

The real power lies with us the citizens.




Thank God; good music is back!

One very good thing happened to me last month when I visited California. I got to watch CMA awards, which I would not have normally watched as I neither have a TV nor was I into country music. But I sure am glad I watched that show and I have become a fan of the new country music.

What I am mostly pleased about is not just the fact that the new country music is mostly like the 70s rock n roll music having some good guitar players, bassists, keyboardists and drummers, besides some awesome singers and songwriters. It is also not just about the songs like Tim McGraw’s ‘My Next Thirty Years’ which are positive and about working towards living a healthy life style. It is not even just about songs like Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Merry Go Round’ which is very thought provoking about the complacent lives people tend to live getting hooked on to one thing or another.

What I am mostly pleased about is the vibe of the music, the attitude of the people writing these songs and singing them. It is perfectly in alignment with the changing times and the new age that is upon us. What I am also pleased about is the simplicity of the artists who have great big messages for the masses. Mostly I am pleased about the fact that the coming decade will not only be dominated by Country music as mainstream music, but also the fact that we will be back in the days where we will have some great and awesome instrumentalists, and not just electronic music. What I am also mostly pleased about is that the era of electronic based, sex, anger, hatred and gang driven hip-hop music has come to an end and now all of us musicians can get back to playing and listening to some real good and positive music.

God bless the new country music.



Chemtrails – It may not be what you think.

Contrary to what some believe about chem-trails, my observations have led me to believe that the chemicals being sprayed at high altitudes in the atmosphere has nothing to do with instigating genocide or inducing diseases orchestrated by the covert government or some secret society.

Sure! secrecy is being maintained by the same covert groups who are financing these spraying of chemicals in the air. Even the face of the government, like the president, prime minister, secretary, etc, deny this and attribute them to be contrails. The purpose though kept secret, i believe, has little to do with mass extinction of  population, even though the exploding human population is tilting the natural balance to a state of disaster.

If the elites, who control and run the world affairs, are spraying chemicals in our atmosphere to achieve de-population, would they not keep themselves safe and protected from it? In which case there would be no chem-trails over the Buckingham palace, or the Windsor castle, or the Holyroodhouse palace, or the Capitol building, or the White house, or Westchester County New York, and many such places. Yet, on my recent travels around the world, I found the skies over these places to be filled with chem-trails.

One observation I have made over the last couple years is that, more than 90% of the time, 4 or 5 days after the aircrafts spray chemicals in the atmosphere, it invariably rains in the neighborhood. Once the chemical spray is started, cloud formation is seen. In a day or two, temperature drops, winds kick in. In the next couple days, clouds thicken and it rains or snows.

This begs the questions, are these chemicals sprayed in the air to create artificial rains? Is it being done consistently to mask the global weather change? Are they attempting to cool down Earth’s temperature rise? Have the seasons of the planet changed? Is that why in U.S. we have not had a regular winter this year? Why are they manipulating weather? Why are these chemicals sprayed only around cities and towns? What is going on?

What ever the real truth is, one thing I have learnt from watching the scorched skies is that, we do not need a weather man to tell us when it would rain. Observe the sky and the density of chem-trails will tell you what to expect.




We allow, hence it happens

In the medieval times, there once was a king who hearing that the prince of a neighboring territory was advancing upon his capital to lay siege to it, held a council, calling all the people for advice as to how to defend the country from the enemy.
The engineers advised the building of a high earthen mound with a huge trench all around the capital; The carpenters proposed the construction of a wooden wall; The shoe-makers suggested that the same wall be built of leather, for ‘there is nothing like leather’ they said. But the blacksmiths shouted out that they were all wrong and that the wall should be built of iron. And then came the lawyers with the argument that the best way to defend the state was to tell the enemy in a legal way that they were in the wrong and out of court in attempting to confiscate another’s property. Finally came the priests, who laughed them all to scorn, saying, ‘You are all talking like lunatics! First of all the gods must be propitiated with sacrifices, and then only can we be invincible.’

Instead of defending their kingdom they argued and fought among themselves. Meanwhile the enemy advanced, stormed and sacked the city.

Even so are men (as in humanity).

Upon reading this story, one question comes to mind. Aren’t we the same today?

We propose, suggest, shout out, argue with, laugh at or scorn at the ‘matter-of-fact’ while the ‘matter-of-fact’ takes its course of action and we face its consequences. We keep proposing, suggesting, shouting out, arguing, laughing at, or disdaining the ‘matter-of-fact’ while the ‘matter-of-fact’ takes its course of action and we keep facing the consequences.

We have allowed the government to be contaminated by the politicians, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the politician to run the government when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand the true meaning of service.

We have allowed our community (as humanity) to be contaminated by the deceiving, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the deceivers to run our community (as earth-ians) when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand oneness.

We have allowed our spirituality to be contaminated by the ignorant, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the ignorant to run our spirits when it really should be run by men of wisdom who have higher knowledge.

We have allowed our ecological system to be contaminated by the greedy, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the greedy to run our ecological system when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand and respect the symbiotic system.

We have allowed our cultural system to be contaminated by the manipulators, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the manipulators to run our cultural system when it really should be run by men of wisdom who operate from their heart center.

We have allowed our history to be contaminated by the liars, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the liars to teach us history when it really should be taught by men of wisdom who know the true lineage of humanity.

We have allowed the financial system to be contaminated by the hoard, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the hoard to run the financial system when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand energy and its flow.

We have allowed our mind to be contaminated by misinformation. We have allowed our emotions to be controlled by the external world. We have allowed our body to be affected by external stimulus.

We have allowed negative aspects of humanity to run our world, our home, our mother Earth.

Why are we allowing this? Why are we allowing these ‘matter-of-facts’ to take their course of action and then face their consequences?

It is time to stop letting the unworthy run our world. It is time to rise and shine as humanity in its true spirit. It is time to clean up the mess and look forward towards a future that may be filled with lots of hardship, but it is the one that paves way to the golden age. Many of us will depart this physical world by choice or by force. Some of us will have to remain in the physical world under all conditions and circumstances to ensure the continuation of humanity in its physical form.

peace & Love

Photo: Brian Hillegas 

Video: killuminatiAFF

Why Does All Planning and No Action Make Jack a Dull Boy?

This morning I was listening to the coach-cast (podcast) by my mentor, motivator and life coach, JB Glossinger of JB as always, was awesome as he explored into the subject of ‘how we tend to get stuck in planning and lack action’. The words he used was “Plan, but don’t get cooked in the plans & strategy”. His content brought a message to me and I will share it with you. It’s only an extension of what JB said.

To reach a goal, a plan is needed. The purpose of the plan is to work out the details like, what is the purpose of the goal?, why the goal?, what  actions need to be taken to achieve the goal?

Start by putting a plan together. Having put a plan together, we need to keep our minds open to any change. Once the detailing of the plan is done, our mind should shift its focus to the actions that needs to be taken. Since the planning phase is complete, the only thing that remains in front of us is to act on the first action that is on the plan list, immediately. With a focussed mind, we need to put all our energy and spirit into that piece of action, how ever small that action may seem to us at that time. One action at a time. Anyways, we, in the current state of existence, are capable of performing only one action at a time, and that is a whole another topic.

The reason why we get stuck in the plan phase is because our focus is too much on the plan and our expectation of the results from those plan actions. Our focus is on the fruit of our action rather than the action itself. Change being the only consistent thing in our universe, sometimes some of our action items from our plan do not bring to us expected results. Since our focus is on the fruit of the action, our mind interprets the unexpected result as a failure. That is when negativity creeps in. The sly and the deceitful one. The negativity in our-self frustrates us and induces fear in us, attempting to convince us to give up working towards our goal(s). Mass consciousness has been convinced by this dark force and they have given up and/or will give up several goals in life.

The scriptures talk about the wide and clear path going to the dark side, while the narrow and difficult path going to heaven. The heaven that is within you and without you.

So, Plan! but…..

  • keep 100% focus on the action you are performing to reach the goal.
  • take only one step at a time and give it your all.
  • be in the Now.
  • most important, have faith and let the universe guide you. Follow his/her will. “My Father’s/Mother’s will is my will”. Once you actualize this understanding, you won’t need to plan.

“Focus on the action, not the fruit of the action” – Bhagavad Gita

Peace & Love


Change – Time is now!

The time is now!

May of us have already changed. Many of us are changing as we speak. Many of us see & recognize the signs. Some of us see it, but choose to ignore. Some of us see it, but refuse to believe. Some us do not see it as we have conditioned our mind and decided not to see it. Some of us do not like change.

The change is here and the time is now!

Imagine a mile wide fence between two structures. This is where we are. We are in/on the fence, moving from one structure to the other. We are in the times of change as we transition between one way to another. We are in the transition zone.

For many of us change is hard to accept or hard to go through. We are comfortable where are and want status quo. But change is inveitable. Change is the only thing in this universe that is constant.

We have new hope. We have new plans. We have a pisitive minded leader. We have a new president. Soon we will have new ways of life, we will have new source of energy, we will have new source of income, new way of coommunication, a new life a renewed and rejuvinated spirit. Not because of the president, but because we will change. There is only one way and it is going up the evolution ladder. Each of us is on a different stair of the same stairway to heaven.

It is time to shun our fears, insecurities, illusions, perceptions, boxed thinking and move on with the change.

Time and Tide waits for no one. The change will not wait either. Nature is constantly perfecting itself. we are part of the nature and we are also moving towards perfection. Perfection of body, mind & spirit.

The time is now!