What is Paradise, that various religions mention about?

Garden-of-Eden-What-Really-HappenedWhat is Paradise?

It surely is not a place outside oneself? Cause outside oneself is only the physical manifestation of the universe; like plants, animals, mountains, planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, etc. ONLY MATERIAL!
The spiritual world, where the paradise is, is not in the material world. Then where it is? it’s not outside? No, because outside is merely a very very small portion of that ONE God’s creation. Most of his creation is within oneself. Within you , with in me, with me each of us. One has to find GOD (or Allah, or Paramathma, what ever name or language you call him/her) by oneself. Each has to strive and learn to find the paradise with in each of us.

Master’s teaching’s are to be followed, not the Master’s follower’s teachings. One can be of any or no religion, but living life following those teachings, is what is called for. The same teachings were taught by Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna, etc; only the settings were different, because of cultural, geographical and language differences.
What an Englishman calls Water, an Indian calls it Paani. Which does not mean that one is actual water and the other one is fake water. Water is the same, and both waters, what ever name you call it by, will quench everyone’s thirst the same exact way. No discrimination!

Each of us is actually NOT separate. Only we don’t see it because we are localized in our experiences and personifications. It’s like one head having eyes all around and every where. How then can one eye say to the other that what it sees is the only truth, and what the other eyes see is not? Each eye gets to see what is in front of it. What one eye see is true to it, and what the other eye sees is true to it. Which does not mean what the other eyes see are not the truth. They are, only they are localized and personal truth’s. Not truth in it’s entirety.
God and Universe is ONE manifestation, flowing from inside to outside, and manifesting, from spirit, astral, etc worlds to our physical world. Physical world being one of the grossest form of manifestation, as far as vibrations go.

Imagine a very extremely large hot air balloon. The physical universe is like that small basket at the bottom of the balloon where people ride in. The rest of the balloon is like the rest of the universe.



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Where do you search god?

against_free_will_god_angel_731675Where do you search me

Moko Kahan Dhundhere Bande
Mein To Tere Paas Mein
Na Teerath Mein, Na Moorat Mein
Na Ekant Niwas Mein
Na Mandir Mein, Na Masjid Mein
Na Kabe Kailas Mein
Mein To Tere Paas Mein Bande
Mein To Tere Paas Mein
Na Mein Jap Mein, Na Mein Tap Mein
Na Mein Barat Upaas Mein
Na Mein Kiriya Karm Mein Rehta
Nahin Jog Sanyas Mein
Nahin Pran Mein Nahin Pind Mein
Na Brahmand Akas Mein
Na Mein Prakuti Prawar Gufa Mein
Nahin Swasan Ki Swans Mein
Khoji Hoye Turat Mil Jaoon
Ik Pal Ki Talas Mein
Kahet Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho
Mein To Hun Viswas Mein

English Translation:

Where do you search me?
I am with you
Not in pilgrimage, nor in icons
Neither in solitudes
Not in temples, nor in mosques
Neither in Kaba nor in Kailash
I am with you O man
I am with you
Not in prayers, nor in meditation
Neither in fasting
Not in yogic exercises
Neither in renunciation
Neither in the vital force nor in the body
Not even in the ethereal space
Neither in the womb of Nature
Not in the breath of the breath
Seek earnestly and discover
In but a moment of search
Says Kabir, Listen with care
Where your faith is, I am there.

– Kabir
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Antichrist Revealed! – A different perspective

aian37lThere is a school of thought that believes that in the near future a charming young personality will take over the entire world with a sinister intention of forcing the population into following a dark path. But, this is only a very cunning deception. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he did not exist. Ask yourself, what is that greatest trick the negative polarity of the duality played upon us? One does not have to be a Christian to see the truth that the dark force is already here and has been ruling the world for quite sometime now. We, the mainstream society have been a anti-Christ society all along, for decades if not centuries. How is it so?, you may ask.

Let’s take a look at the concept of antichrist. Antichrist only means, that which is opposite to Christ. Anything, tangible or subtle, that is not in agreeance with the Christ consciousness is antichrist in nature.

As a society, are we operating out of Christ consciousness today? To understand this better and to gain clarity from a neutral perspective, let us take a few examples from the teachings of one of the great masters, the epitome of Christ consciousness, the roman popularized superstar, Jesus of Nazareth. Let us take a look at what Christ conscious way of living is, and see if we even think, speak or live our lives in alignment with the principles. Let us check ourselves as humans and as a society to see if we operate from Christ or antichrist nature.

Jesus said, “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.” Do we follow that fundamental teaching today? If we did, we would not have had the world wars, deceitful 9/11 terror attack, inhumane Israel occupation of Palestine and massacring people in their own home land, China forcebly taking over Tibet, ruthless dictators and corporations in position of governance and power. If we were really following this fundamental behavioral requirement, we would not have had slavery, poverty, discrimination, hatred, etc. We would not even have had the Jerry Springer show and people relishing the show. Most of the world, on a fundamental basis, does not practice this rule, else we would not be capable of causing harm to others, even to our enemies. It is the easiest thing in the world to hate, to let the desire for revenge grow in people’s hearts. Indeed vengeance may even have the shadow of justice attached to it. Doesn’t that make us an antichrist society?

Jesus said, “Do not commit adultery. But I tell you that anyone who looks at another lustfully has already committed adultery in their heart.” Do we follow this fundamental rule? If we did we would not have had promiscuousness, sexual degeneration, gentlemen’s club, porn stars, illicit relationships, sex scandals in places of power, etc.
Sincerity is one of the virtues needed of anti-adultry. Jesus said, “”Be careful not to do your ‘acts of righteousness’ before men, to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven”. Today, many put up an act of being all good and nice in front of others, but act very differently when there was no-one watching. Politicians and corporations are a great examples of this. They act one way in front of the people and totally do something else that works for the gratification of their selfish motives. They make decisions, rules, regulations and laws out of this antichristic behaviour which eventually becomes tyranny. Most are aware of this, and is accepting of it. Doesn’t that make us an antichrist society?

Jesus said, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.” Do we follow this? Black Friday in America, growing materialism in the world, opulant indulgance of super wealthy while the poor go hungry and homeless, etc are only a hand ful of cases that go to show that materialism is given precedence over spiritual growth in the world today. People’s status is measured by their socio-economic position, the car they drive, the clothes they wear, the house they have and the money they possess. Infact, humanity is so brain washed by it’s own creation, ‘money’, that it will kill, plunder, rape, judge, massacre, pillage, discriminate, etc it’s own kind purely for money. Try not paying your electricity bill for few months and see if the corporation will understand your hardship and let you get by? Money has become god. That is a breach of the basic commandment. Doesn’t that make us an antichrist society?

Jesus talked about forgiveness, but do we follow that? If we did we would not have had people losing homes, hate crime retaliations, domestic insecurities, separations, etc.

There are countless teachings based upon which humanity can be analyzed from a consciously honest perspective.  Historically, the masters in the likes of Jesus, Kabir, Gautam Buddha, Mohammad, Guru Nanak, Shridi Sai Baba, etc, have taught us about Christ consciousness and the Christic way of living. But, we as humanity labeled those masters as gods (which in reality is true, as every thing and everyone is God), seperated ourselves from them and from each other, prayed to them, while all long we continued going down the same dark path, living an antichristian life assuming it to be righteous. When numerous do it, it becomes acceptable, despite the innate fact that such a way of living is actually against our own conscience. Conscience that gives us total peace of mind in its purity. Lack of peace in the world today portrays the impurity in the our conscience. Doesn’t that make us a antichrist society?
The list is endless.

The greatest trick the antichrist rule ever pulled was convincing the world it is yet to happen.

What is the real meaning of Zionism?

What is the real meaning of Zionism? Not the one forced fed by the U.S. or the world bankers.

Let us begin by analyzing the words Israel and Jerusalem.

Those who claim that the history and the future of Israel and Jerusalem is all very well laid out in the bible need to understand one very important reality of the great book. The words Israel and Jerusalem mentioned in the bible are NOT named after the physical geographical places. Rather, the physical geographical places are named after these words. One of the meanings of the hebrew word ‘Israel’ would resolve to “honest man of God”. Similarly, one of the meanings of the hebrew word ‘Jerusalem’ would resolve to “place of peace” or “founded peaceful”. So, Jerusalem in Israel really means ‘the peaceful center of the honest man of God’.

Now re-read the entire bible with this true understanding and you will realize a new truth in the great book. You will also realize the fallacy of the world religion propagandist, who are behind the zion moment, who ignorantly believe that the bible, in the end of days, is talking about the victory of the physical geographical Israel. It is not. Any of the books of prophecies in the bible, be it the Revelations, or Daniel, or Jeremiah, when they talk about the victory of Israel after the dark times, are NOT talking about the victory of the physical geographical country named Israel. They are talking about the victory of ‘the honest man of God’.

So don’t let these greedy, deceitful and controlling dark forces lead you to falsely believe that fighting for the victory of the geographical Israel is the real zionism. It is not. Fighting for the victory of ‘the honest man of God’ and gaining freedom from these dark forces is the REAL ZIONISM.

Just because a city in the physical world is named ‘Spirit’ does not mean you will find your spirit there. Just because a city is named ‘City of Hope’ does not mean you will find hope there. Just because a country is named Israel does not mean you will find ‘the honest men of God’ there, and just because a city is name Jerusalem does not mean it is the center of world peace.

Just because it is mentioned in the bible that Jesus Christ will return to Jerusalem in glory, does not mean that Jesus is going to return to the physical city of Jerusalem. Rather, it means that the Christ Consciousness will return in the peaceful center of the holy man of God, whether that man lives in London, New York, Gaza, Baghdad, Delhi, Jordan, or Israel.

So, do you now understand the real meaning of zionism? Not the one forced fed by the U.S. or the world bankers who are leading the world astray in order to fulfill their own agenda.



Is Lord God of the old testament really an E.T.?

Esoteric school teaches us that Pride, Lust, Envy (jealousy), Anger (wrath), Sloth (laziness), Gluttony and Greed are the seven cardinal sins. Sin by definition is an immoral act considered to be a transgression against divine law. If jealousy and anger are one of the seven sins, and sin being against divinity, how then is the ‘Lord God’ in Bible’s Old Testament angry and jealous so many times? It is mentioned several times in the Tanach (old testament, or the Torah) about the lord god being wrathful and jealous and reacting out of it. Here are some examples.

(Exodus 20:4-5) “You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above, or on the earth beneath, or in the water under the earth. You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God”.

A jealous God?

(Leviticus 10:1-2)And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his censer, and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered strange fire before the LORD, which he commanded them not. And there went out fire from the LORD, and devoured them, and they died before the LORD.

For an error, god got so angry that he burned Aaron’s sons to death? And Aaron was not even supposed to mourn, else lord god’s wrath would come upon the whole community?

(Deuteronomy 9:19-20) Moses says, for I was afraid that the anger that the lord bore against you was so fierce that he would destroy you. But the lord listened to me that time. The lord was so angry with Aaron that he was ready to destroy him, but I interceded also on behalf of Aaron.

Lord god of the old testament seems to be short tempered and quick to anger.

The below example is even better.

In Exodus, after the people made calf out of gold and offered burnt offerings, lord god got angry and said to Moses, “I have seen this people, how stiff-necked they are. Now let me alone, so my wrath may burn hot against them and I may consume them.” Listening to this Moses ‘the mortal’ calms lord god ‘the almighty’ down, saying, (Exodus 32:12) “Why should the Egyptians say ‘It was with evil intent that he brought them out to kill them in the mountains, and to consume them from the face of the earth?’ Turn from your fierce wrath; change your mind and do not bring disaster on your people.” And the lord god changed his mind.

This example portrays god as losing his wisdom in anger and Moses had to give advice and impart wisdom to the lord god himself. Moses had to remind god that by destroying his people out of anger, god would not only get a bad name amongst the egyptians, but he would also be breaking his promise he made with Abraham about protecting his people. What kind of god is this lord god who needed to heed the advice of a mortal man?

From the above examples it seems like the lord god of the old testament is more like the greek gods, who were quick to anger and loved to show off their powers.

This begs the following questions: How is the fountainhead of divinity committing cardinal sins like anger, jealousy and even homicide? Or, is it OK to commit cardinal sins under certain circumstances and its validity is based on the committers rank? How can a God who is holy, just, loving, gracious, merciful, and long-suffering possibly be jealous? Why is the disposition of this god not in alignment with the qualities of God the father, the creator-of-all-things, as described in the vedas, or taught to us by Jesus ‘the christ’, Buddha, Ramakrishna, Shridi Sai Baba, and many other great masters?

The bigger question that stares at our face is really this. Is the lord god, mentioned in the old testament really not God the father, the creator of all things, but a hyper advanced being from a super advanced civilization from another dimension, (beings)who had such advanced technology and powers that they seemed godly to ancient men?