What is Paradise, that various religions mention about?

Garden-of-Eden-What-Really-HappenedWhat is Paradise?

It surely is not a place outside oneself? Cause outside oneself is only the physical manifestation of the universe; like plants, animals, mountains, planets, stars, galaxies, black holes, etc. ONLY MATERIAL!
The spiritual world, where the paradise is, is not in the material world. Then where it is? it’s not outside? No, because outside is merely a very very small portion of that ONE God’s creation. Most of his creation is within oneself. Within you , with in me, with me each of us. One has to find GOD (or Allah, or Paramathma, what ever name or language you call him/her) by oneself. Each has to strive and learn to find the paradise with in each of us.

Master’s teaching’s are to be followed, not the Master’s follower’s teachings. One can be of any or no religion, but living life following those teachings, is what is called for. The same teachings were taught by Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna, etc; only the settings were different, because of cultural, geographical and language differences.
What an Englishman calls Water, an Indian calls it Paani. Which does not mean that one is actual water and the other one is fake water. Water is the same, and both waters, what ever name you call it by, will quench everyone’s thirst the same exact way. No discrimination!

Each of us is actually NOT separate. Only we don’t see it because we are localized in our experiences and personifications. It’s like one head having eyes all around and every where. How then can one eye say to the other that what it sees is the only truth, and what the other eyes see is not? Each eye gets to see what is in front of it. What one eye see is true to it, and what the other eye sees is true to it. Which does not mean what the other eyes see are not the truth. They are, only they are localized and personal truth’s. Not truth in it’s entirety.
God and Universe is ONE manifestation, flowing from inside to outside, and manifesting, from spirit, astral, etc worlds to our physical world. Physical world being one of the grossest form of manifestation, as far as vibrations go.

Imagine a very extremely large hot air balloon. The physical universe is like that small basket at the bottom of the balloon where people ride in. The rest of the balloon is like the rest of the universe.



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Path to Enlightenment

6a00d83451c0aa69e20120a7f9bad7970b-320wiContemplation is said to be the start of the path to enlightenment. Often times, contemplation becomes questioning. I know I did not have a clear understanding of the difference between contemplation and questioning.
Contemplation is OBSERVATION, not studying. Study raises Questions that generally arise due to comparative mode of the mind. For example, when I asked “what is the difference between Questioning and Contemplation?”, my teacher said “come here and s&#* my c&*$*”. The aim, in fact, was to try to get me to go “huh?”, as in to get me confused and get me out of the ‘normal’ thought process.
The NORMAL mode is the COMPARATIVE MODE that raises DOUBTs of millions kinds. The key is to NOT ask Questions. When I say don’t ask questions, I am NOT saying STOP INQUIRING, I am saying STOP QUESTIONING; and reason for this is implicit. A Question hanging as a DOUBT is a HEART/SPIRIT KILLER; it’s why some brilliant people never can be happy, because they are constantly fretting about what they DON’T KNOW. That mode of operating, where you need to KNOW everything to be HAPPY is and endless road. A never-ending road is exhausting and fruitless.
In the end I will close with this. If you read the story of the Buddha, he was enlightened the moment he realized that his quest for enlightenment was the final barrier to enlightenment. Then what remains? how to go about this? See the never-ending questions? 🙂 But fortunately this Question has an answer you can put to practise. You DON’T go about anything to GET enlightened because enlightened being IS your nature already. It’s the doubts and the questions that are standing in the way of accepting and IMPLEMENTING THIS ENLIGHTENED SELF.
Remove all the other people’s opinions and awaken the primordial child in you. Be as you were before “they” got to you.
EnlightenMeant Cartoon 2008 C. Pic Michel

All answers lie within you – A powerful Tool to unfold

ImageWE ALL SEE WHAT WE WANT TO SEE. This subjective experience is termed “maya” or “samsara”. You are what moves you emotionally, not what you think or think you are. Everyone has things that really MOVEs them positively or negatively. That collection is the core of the trans-migratory soul. The remainder is the vehicle to express and “perform” the mission of the “soul” (the word ‘soul’ being used very loosely here).

So, the things that move you are the things you find INSIDE you. Your world is an EXPRESSION of that, i.e., how your world is organized and what you are all about and doing. Example: the job you have, the relationship you have, the triggers you have, the expectations you have, the financial status you have, etc., has some connection to your core, directly or indirectly.

There is a meditation you can do to clear your mind / karma etc:
Step 2: Excuse yourself from all the harm you have done, caused, said, thought, etc.
Step 3: Define how you want your life to be.
Step 4: Mentally empty your mind, body, heart etc. Empty meaning, don’t think, just feel your body. In that state,
Step 5: Visualize yourself as a pure light being, as an angel, ascended master, whatever you want to call it. A being of pure radiance. At this point,
Step 6: Ask this being to point out the psychic wounds that are HIDDEN and are causing self destructive behaviors.
You need to be very very calm and extremely intuitive as this is going on because the perfect radiant being you visualize is in fact all of creation. So, the answer may well be something you have totally forgotten. It’s like your are plugging into all of existence.
once u have done this, Say thanks, take the points from the answer back into your real life and match it to certain negative patterns. They generally line up perfectly. Guilt, anger, or even a false perception of self; so many things can be.

Once you do this a couple of times, SELF CONFIDENCE GROWS TO FILL THE VOID THAT THE DEPARTING SELF DEFEATING THOUGHT AND BEHAVIOUR PATTERNS LEAVE. Once this happens you will see how to be happy independent of what’s going on around you. But remember, the FIRST step is total utter forgiveness and gratitude, removing that need for revenge.

In other words we all carry bad behavior around and we cover it up with various justifications. Remove the justification and the bad behavior stands exposed for what it is; bad in any sense, including self sabotage; and immediately the reasons will arise, generally some twisted notion of self, or some shock you never got over as a small child.

Do this meditation regularly, even for 10 minutes when you are waiting for your train, bus, flight, meeting, phone call, food to cook, etc. Habits come from habitual thinking. So, if you clean up the thinking pipeline regularly, slowly and eventually you can eliminate all the traits of the past. This process, in my view, is enlightenment. en light ten, to shed light on, aka to lighten up. 🙂

You need to be clear that the sand, wind, water, fire, metal used to make your body is drawn from this planet and the planet in turn draws it from this known universe. So, “we” are in fact inhabiting a specific pattern of seeing. It’s like some people watch ESPN, others watch CNN. Our habits create everything and the emotional core (talked about earlier) creates our habits.

Look at that word e-motion! Wonder what the e is for? We are chemicals in motion (if you can break emotions down to chemicals, which science can and has done to some extent). Considering it all, what we really are is a set of isotonic fluids reacting with each other, water + salts, a bio mechanical device. That’s how we communicate with the universe because the universe is made of the same. We ARE the bio mechanical device with emotional core inside another bio mechanical device with emotional core and so on. We take on this device because we need it to operate.

Think of it, only humans can appreciate music, poetry, spirituality, etc,. why?
We are capable of separating this from that, this type of holding, this to be OK and that to be NOT ok. This is our framework and we accepted that to become human.

You see what I am driving at here?
a. Change your framework and you change your self.
b. Repeated exercise of the framework creates habit.

Even a ball of gas reacts, but as beings we have the choice to remain non-reactive and equanimous and be completely aware of our body/mind/heart complex in the NOW!
PS: This is composed from a skype conversation I had with my best heart-felt friend/mentor who lives in Austria.

Yoga of Music

Tomorrow I am playing live with some good musicians at the halloween fest. It’s been a while since I have played live. I’ve been the studio for he last 1.5 years working on my first full length album. My first album, a collection of songs I wrote over a period of time, from the college days until now, is in its final few stages of production.

It feels good when we get to enjoy the fruit of our passion. For the many of us this feeling is the closest we’d be to enlightenment & sheer blissful joy.

For me music is the ultimate form of communication, a form of communication that has always existed, is existing now and will always exist in the nature and in the universe. Music is based on sound vibrations, the very same vibrations that has created this universe. In the beginning was the word, and the word is and shall be. In the India sub-continent music is considered the language of the gods.

Performing music or listening music and getting totally immersed in it is a form of yoga. The union of body, mind & spirit happens when one is immersed in the rhythmic and harmonized bond of the self with the vibrations of the music. This is a form of contact with ‘The Word’.

The only ingredient that sometimes makes music bitter is the lyrics. Words are powerful. Negative lyrics would be darkening.

I am excited to be performing live.