Who is a Man? What needs to be said!

wife_beats_husbandWho is a Man?

Man is a creation of God who learns sacrifice and compromise right from his childhood:
– He sacrifices his chocolate/candy for his sister.
– He sacrifices his dreams by choosing a career path to satisfy his parents.
– He spends all his pocket money to buy gift for his girlfriend.
– He spends all his youth earning for his wife and children.
– He takes out a loan to create a future for himself and spends the rest of his life paying back the loan.
– He spends the rest of his life being reprimanded by his wife, mother and his boss.
– All his life, his wife, mother, mother-in-law and his boss try to control him.
– All his life is spent for others.

And the poor man:
– if he raises his hand against his wife, he is labeled shameless, wife beater, etc
– if he takes wife’s abuse, he is labeled timid.
– if he sees his wife with another man and inquires, he is labeled doubting.
– if he keeps quite, he is labeled coward.
– if he stays out of home mostly, he is labeled tramp, a vagabond.
– if he stays at home, he is labeled worthless.
– if he scolds his children, he is labeled cruel.
– if he does not, he is labeled negligent or careless.
– if he stops his wife from taking a job, he is labeled male-chauvinist.
– if he lets his wife take up a job, he is labeled as useless, dependent on his wife’s income.
– if he obeys his mother, he is labeled mother’s boy.
– if he obeys to his wife, he is labeled henpecked-husband.

Despite spending most of his life in sacrifice, compromise and struggle, he does not want anything for himself.

Not to mention that in most countries the law is biased towards women, and there is no law to protect men against domestic violence and abuse by women.

Man – He may be a male, a son, a brother, a boy-friend, a father, a husband and/or a son-in-law, but his life is usually filled with challenges and struggles. That is why, always respect a man.

It’s time Men clear their position and get the respect they deserve.



anthneeh gomes


Dumbing down society with blanket child labor law: If I were the elite…

If I were the elite what would I do to make every individual of society boxed into limitation and totally dependent on the system? Introduce a blanket child labor law.

This law will prevent children from doing any kind of labor. Be it at school, in the community, at the farm, even at home. Present this law to the people in such a way that it portrays as a law that is for the protection of children against being taken advantage of by the economic and industrial systems. Use the modern school system to feed this new child labor law in such a way that the children buy into it completely. Instruct the teachers, who do this profession purely for the paycheck and benefits, to ensure the children that it is against the law for anybody, including their parents, to make them do any labor work, including the chores at home.

You may ask, how does this law pave towards creating a boxed-in society dependent on the system? Simple! As usual the tactic is to target children, who grow up to become tomorrow’s adults. Program them when they are young.

Once this child labor law is in place, under this law children will be totally oblivious of any responsibility and will not learn any kind of work or skill. A good percentage of children will support this law as this will give them apparent freedom from doing any work at home and spend most of their time playing and whiling away.

These children who learnt nothing, when they are supposed to learn a great deal and make themselves a learned and skilled human being, instead grow up to be adults who are totally dumbed down. Based on their miniscule education they will get themselves a menial job and get into a groove of a routine and mundane life. Anytime any work needs to be done around the house or the community, say like fixing a faucet, or cleaning the yard, or changing oil in the car, or anything even simpler than that, they will depend on another, who they will have to pay, and hence be tied to the system.

Once the individuals of the society are dumbed down and are dependent on others for even simple day to day house work, it would be easy to implement more laws around each of those activities in the name of safety and tax. Bottom line is that a dumbed down society is easy to control than a society comprising of independent, skilled and smart individuals.

So, If I were the elite what would I do to make every individual of society boxed into limitation and totally dependent on the system? Introduce a blanket child labor law so that every child is kept from becoming independent, skilled and smart. As an elite, I would thank the 99% population for allowing the 1% population to legislate and execute this law and many others like them with the sole purpose of social control.



A Glimpse into The Living Universe

From a microscopic organism to giant galaxies and celestial bodies, we are all connected and co-dependent.
As per the Law of Trogoautoegocracy, The radiation of all the metals within the entrails of the Earth, where they develop, is transmitted to other planets of the infinite space. All the worlds are sustained by all the other worlds; this is obvious, unquestionable, evident, and manifest. Thus, the cosmic balance is based upon this law of reciprocal planetary nourishment. By this reciprocal nourishment amongst the worlds, by one sustaining the others, a wonderful and perfect planetary balance is adjusted.

This great law is processed in accordance with the laws of the Holy Triamazikamno (Holy Three) and of the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh (the Law of Seven).

The Law of Three is formed then by the three principles: Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation. The latter is of course the force that conciliates the affirming force with the negating force, thus, this is how the victim is devoured by the predator to which it corresponds, in accordance with the law. The tiger swallows the humble rabbit; here the tiger would be the Holy Affirmation, the rabbit the Holy Negation, and the force that conciliates both of them is the Holy Conciliation. The positive, negative, and neutral. The Holy Conciliation, conciliates them (Affirmation & Negation) and make them a unique whole. This is the Law and this law is fulfilled in spite of opinions, concepts, customs, etc…
During the cosmic manifestation, each one of the three forces works independently and separated, but always unite to its origin.

-From Gnostic teachings
peace & love