Path to Enlightenment

6a00d83451c0aa69e20120a7f9bad7970b-320wiContemplation is said to be the start of the path to enlightenment. Often times, contemplation becomes questioning. I know I did not have a clear understanding of the difference between contemplation and questioning.
Contemplation is OBSERVATION, not studying. Study raises Questions that generally arise due to comparative mode of the mind. For example, when I asked “what is the difference between Questioning and Contemplation?”, my teacher said “come here and s&#* my c&*$*”. The aim, in fact, was to try to get me to go “huh?”, as in to get me confused and get me out of the ‘normal’ thought process.
The NORMAL mode is the COMPARATIVE MODE that raises DOUBTs of millions kinds. The key is to NOT ask Questions. When I say don’t ask questions, I am NOT saying STOP INQUIRING, I am saying STOP QUESTIONING; and reason for this is implicit. A Question hanging as a DOUBT is a HEART/SPIRIT KILLER; it’s why some brilliant people never can be happy, because they are constantly fretting about what they DON’T KNOW. That mode of operating, where you need to KNOW everything to be HAPPY is and endless road. A never-ending road is exhausting and fruitless.
In the end I will close with this. If you read the story of the Buddha, he was enlightened the moment he realized that his quest for enlightenment was the final barrier to enlightenment. Then what remains? how to go about this? See the never-ending questions? 🙂 But fortunately this Question has an answer you can put to practise. You DON’T go about anything to GET enlightened because enlightened being IS your nature already. It’s the doubts and the questions that are standing in the way of accepting and IMPLEMENTING THIS ENLIGHTENED SELF.
Remove all the other people’s opinions and awaken the primordial child in you. Be as you were before “they” got to you.
EnlightenMeant Cartoon 2008 C. Pic Michel


What path is this that I am leading?

“What path is this that I am leading?
Some times there are thunder clouds hovering on my head,
other times there is bright shining light.

What path is this that I am leading?
Some times I fall and fail,
other times I fall and rise.

What path is this I am leading?
Some times I feel like I am lost in the dark,
other times I shine like the sun.

What path is this I am leading?
Some times I delve into the dark side,
other times I relish the light.

What path is this I am leading?
Some times I think I need to run my life,
other times I enjoy being led by the force.

What path is this I am leading?
Some times it is,
other times it is not.

What path is this I am leading?
Some times I am,
other times I am not.

What path is this I Am leading?”