Need for racial dominance and discrimination. Is it a disease, a mental and emotional disorder?

What you are about to read below is nothing but the plain truth written without any sugar coating. You may call it controversial, but it is nothing but plain truth spoken straight and blunt, and if you analyze the points made here, you will find that it is indeed true; nothing conjured up or made up. So here it is.

Historically, there is only one race on this planet which has had such a compulsive need to prove that they are superior and better than all other races, and have suffered from a desperate need to express their superiority by forcing all other races to comply to their will. This race has gone to great dark extents of setting up parameters just to convince that they are better than others. This race of people have historically gone around the world and killed many indigenous races, and till date continue to do so, while deceivingly convincing the world that the ones they are murdering are savages. This one race has treated all other races like animals, or even worse. They have conjured up and made up laws and rules to discriminate all other races. For many centuries now, they have been forcibly displacing indigenous cultures with their own. They have forced the world to accept their way of thinking and living. This race thinks that they own the planet and can go anywhere on the planet and take over whatever and whenever they please, and do as they will, even when it is disharmonious to all life forms and the planet itself. This race seems to think that it is ‘ok’ for them to take advantage of all other races. This race seems to suffer from a delusion that they are the chosen ones and that they own all other life forms and all natural resources.

Why does this one race have such a compulsive need to prove that they are superior?
Why does this one race suffer from superiority complex?
Why do they think that they are the dominant race?
Why do they feel so in-secured about their existence that they have a need to make up rules to forcibly show that they are better than others?
What makes them behave in such a way?
Why does this race think that it is ‘ok’ for them to do as they please?
Why do they treat all other races as their slaves or servants?
Why are they so connivingly cunning in manipulating the affairs of the world to their gain and liking?
Why does this one race think that it is ‘ok’ for them to deprive all others of their natural birth right?
Why do they have such a desperate need to displace all indigenous cultures with their own culture (or non-culture)?
Why do they feel they own the planet?

If a person were to behave this way, psychologists would diagnose that person as suffering from a mental or emotional disorder, a superiority complex, or even a narcissistic complex. This race could be classified as a spoiled child, a bully, who out of its insecurity has such a desperate need to prove that it is superior to others. Or is it its pure and dark selfish nature?

The unspoken reality is that this race has been, and still is, suffering from disease. A disease of insatiability. A disease of chronic need for dominance. A disease of desperation to control. A disease of wanting everything their way. A disease to desperately and falsely believe that they are the chosen ones and the best. A disease of inequality and disharmony. A disease that makes them brutal; so brutal, that they have killed many millions, and still kill millions, convincing the world that they are killing savages, while in reality they themselves are the savages.

This race has been, and still is, suffering from psychological, emotional and spiritual disorder, and they need help. Yes, they need help.
This race is like a spoiled child. For far too long, we, the rest of the races, have allowed this spoiled childish race to do what it wills, to the extent that this spoiled child is destroying the only planet we call home. There is only so long that we can allow a spoiled adolescent child to run rampant and destroy it for all of us. Perhaps it is time to make this spoiled child learn its lesson and see the truth. Perhaps it is time to stop the diseased ones to rule the world and perhaps it is time to hospitalize the diseased race and treat the disease. It’s time to put the spoiled child in therapy.
We the people of this planet, cannot allow this race to ruin it all for the rest of the people, including themselves. We need to save them from themselves, and in process save and salvage what’s left from the spoiled tantrum and selfishness of this race.

May God help this race open their eyes and see the truth. May God help this race to realize that they are not superior, in fact it’s quite the opposite. May God help this race to see how wrong they have been, and how wrong they still are. May God help this childish race to grow up and learn to start accepting that all are equal and learn to live in harmony. May God give this race the grace to see and accept their fallacy and mistakes.  May God give this race the grace to see that we are all equal and each race, each person has a role to play in this creation and no role is big or small. May God help them to see that the indigenous way of life is the true and harmonious way. May God help all of us to help this spoiled childish race who we have for far too long allowed to run the world to this perilous state that it is now in. May God give us the grace to forgive this race, for they know not what they do.

Enjoy this video below. Stand up comedian Louis CK hits the nail on the head. In fact, what he is speaking is not really jokes for people to laugh at, but the truth.


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Mirror Mirror! – Others are a reflection of what you are.

Quantum theory clearly demonstrates: Observation affects reality. 

“The Universe Exists because of Spontaneous Creation” – Stephen Hawkins

 Reality exists only where the mind creates a focus… – Sudra from Mahayana



If you focus on my positive, positive you make of me.

If you focus on my negative, negative you make of me.

What I really am is just as what you really are.

However intuitive you think you are, or how ever in tune you think you are with other, or however good at energy-reading you think you are:

What you are seeing in me is merely a reflection of your aspects.

What I am seeing in you is merely a reflection of my aspects.

A simple concept, yet one that many people are either unwilling, or unable, to grasp, is simply that other people reflect you. Your emotions, your traits, and your feelings are reflected back at you from other people either through in-kind responses or through predictable reactions to the emotions or feelings that you’re issuing. Perhaps even more surprising is the reality that the reflection is perfect, even if the “reflector” is almost invariably not. For example, you might feel condescension, irritability, or dismissiveness toward another person, which lowers your estimation of them and causes you to treat them less seriously; yet in doing so, you ignore the fact that they reflect your negative appraisal of them.

Others are a reflection of what you are. A person who thinks other people are difficult or negative invariably has no self-awareness that he or she is in fact a difficult or negative, if not the most difficult or negative, person. They blame others and complain about others’ behaviour.

If you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see, do you blame the mirror or do you think you ought to do something to yourself to make yourself look better?




Positive or Negative, Where is your focus?

Reality exists only where the mind creates a focus…

– Sudra from Mahayana


Quantum Theory Demonstrated: Observation Affects Reality


That is why the shadow government, through media and covertly operated voilent acts, keeps people’s mind focused on ‘fear’ so that people remain powerless and in their total control.


Where is your focus?

Are you buying into the fear and negativity that is being peddled around the world?


Are you taking your focus off of that ‘fear’?

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Alternate reality

bron1364lIt is said that whatever you imagine and put your mental energy to you manifest that. That is why they say keeps your mind positive and think positive thoughts. My experience has been contrary to that. Perhaps my mental energy works in parallel realities. For me, what ever I imagine and put my mental energy to ends up not happening in this reality. It is almost like my mind manifests that imagination in an alternate reality. Keeping that paradigm in mind, it works out best when I imagine the worst cause that imagination happens in another reality and I am safe from that worst experience in this reality.

Of course to understand this one needs to think outside the box, or perhaps even get rid of the box itself. 🙂

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We live in a left brain society

We live in a left brain society where intuition has not much value over logical and well thought out process. But the reality is that intuition is correct all the time. Of course this requires one to be completely in touch of his or her higher self and operate from a pure heart. Perhaps pure heart is an obsolete quality in modern times.

We live in a left brain society where ‘out of the box’ thinking is very likely to be ridiculed and disregarded over “tried and true” solution. But the reality is that we as a society are still attempting to fix our crumbling world using the same old ways. What is funny, is that the so called economic, climate and political guru’s are doing this while they expect the result to be different. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.

We live in a left brain society where ranked authority structure is preferred over collegial authority structures. This results in different levels of society, one deeming better than the other or one living a life style more comfortable than the others. It seems to me that human animals operating from the ego have a primitive need for a superiority complex.

We live in a left brain society where emotions are not given much importance except in a personal/home situation. Many times even that is dwindling away. We are taught to put our emotions aside and get to work, while the truth is that working off of emotion will lead to a positive result as long as the emotions are positive.

We live in a left brain society where everything is required to be planned and structured rather than being fluid and spontaneous.

We live in a left brain society where we are taught to looks at differences rather than looking at similarities, hence we are divided based on religion, color, class, nationality, looks, choices, preferences, etc, etc; the list is long.

Not that operating from left brain is bad, but what is bad is discarding or reducing the usage of right brain. A balance is needed in the society, a balance that is nonexistent today. Human’s inharmonious way of living with rest of nature is a great example of its unbalance.

Hope very soon we learn to operate from balance, or even let the right brain lead the left brain, and once again humanity can transform from human animals to human beings.


Thank God; good music is back!

One very good thing happened to me last month when I visited California. I got to watch CMA awards, which I would not have normally watched as I neither have a TV nor was I into country music. But I sure am glad I watched that show and I have become a fan of the new country music.

What I am mostly pleased about is not just the fact that the new country music is mostly like the 70s rock n roll music having some good guitar players, bassists, keyboardists and drummers, besides some awesome singers and songwriters. It is also not just about the songs like Tim McGraw’s ‘My Next Thirty Years’ which are positive and about working towards living a healthy life style. It is not even just about songs like Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Merry Go Round’ which is very thought provoking about the complacent lives people tend to live getting hooked on to one thing or another.

What I am mostly pleased about is the vibe of the music, the attitude of the people writing these songs and singing them. It is perfectly in alignment with the changing times and the new age that is upon us. What I am also pleased about is the simplicity of the artists who have great big messages for the masses. Mostly I am pleased about the fact that the coming decade will not only be dominated by Country music as mainstream music, but also the fact that we will be back in the days where we will have some great and awesome instrumentalists, and not just electronic music. What I am also mostly pleased about is that the era of electronic based, sex, anger, hatred and gang driven hip-hop music has come to an end and now all of us musicians can get back to playing and listening to some real good and positive music.

God bless the new country music.



One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

Dig into human history, and you will find sagas of several freedom fighters and revolutionaries who were labeled terrorists in their time by the same forces against which they were fighting. The forces they were battling, persecuted them, put them in prison and even executed them for what was considered treachery. Yet, over the period of time we have globally called them heroes. William Tell, William Wallace, Bhagat Singh, Subash Bose, etc., are few examples. So what is the truth? Were they terrorists or heroes?

Great contemporary heroes like Aung San Suu Kyi and many others like her are unjustly put under arrest by the dictators or forces controlling their countries. Yet, the people of the world and the great self-proclaimed world political leaders like USA and UK do not take any steps to impose sanctions against these countries, while they go about imposing sanctions on countries like Iran. That is because the sanctions are not based on humanitarian grounds but based on world domination and resource control . But that is a whole another topic of discussion.

Gerald Seymour, in his book Harry’s Game, said,  “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.” Many other people have quoted it too, and can be referred to the Israel/Palestine conflict, and the Iraq War, Middle East conflicts. As well as conflicts and uprisings in Africa, Colombia, etc. One might reasonably conclude, from the way things have been reported, that the only difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist is whether the person describing them likes them. Even Jesus was labeled a trouble maker and blasphemous by his country men who were threatened by his presence.

While freedom is an end result, terror may be the means. But terror can also be a means to impose control. Is there a need to spread terror to achieve freedom? Perhaps not! Leaders like Gandhi and Nelson Mandela are great examples.

One man’s terrorist is another man’s revolutionary, but revolution can be brought about peacefully too.