Thank God; good music is back!

One very good thing happened to me last month when I visited California. I got to watch CMA awards, which I would not have normally watched as I neither have a TV nor was I into country music. But I sure am glad I watched that show and I have become a fan of the new country music.

What I am mostly pleased about is not just the fact that the new country music is mostly like the 70s rock n roll music having some good guitar players, bassists, keyboardists and drummers, besides some awesome singers and songwriters. It is also not just about the songs like Tim McGraw’s ‘My Next Thirty Years’ which are positive and about working towards living a healthy life style. It is not even just about songs like Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Merry Go Round’ which is very thought provoking about the complacent lives people tend to live getting hooked on to one thing or another.

What I am mostly pleased about is the vibe of the music, the attitude of the people writing these songs and singing them. It is perfectly in alignment with the changing times and the new age that is upon us. What I am also pleased about is the simplicity of the artists who have great big messages for the masses. Mostly I am pleased about the fact that the coming decade will not only be dominated by Country music as mainstream music, but also the fact that we will be back in the days where we will have some great and awesome instrumentalists, and not just electronic music. What I am also mostly pleased about is that the era of electronic based, sex, anger, hatred and gang driven hip-hop music has come to an end and now all of us musicians can get back to playing and listening to some real good and positive music.

God bless the new country music.




Man’s way of thinking, Woman’s way of thinking

“A woman’s highest calling is to lead a man to his soul so as to unite him with Source. A man’s highest calling is to protect woman so she is free to walk the earth unharmed.” – Cherokee Proverb

In the current state of the digital and cyber success, we in today’s world call ourselves modern, sophisticated and civilized. What is our men and women’s way of thinking in this modern and civilized world? Are the men and women working for each other or are they working against each other and being a competition?

A modern woman’s thinking is that they do not need a man to protect them, they can lead a perfectly successful life without the need of a man as protector or provider. They would rather be in control.
A modern man’s thinking is that they do not need a woman to lead them, they can lead a perfectly successful life without the need of a woman as a guide or leader. They too would rather be in control and dominate.



Certainly, we can study sexology from two different angles; one is the mere official point of view, as is taught in schools and universities, in the faculty of medicine, etc., and another, is the Gnostic point of view.

Sex itself, is the center of gravity of all life-form’s activities; around sex gravitate all the aspects of the social life. The true knowledge of sex is what is lacking in today’s world. Hence it is being used merely as a sense pleasure, when in reality it is a powerful creative force, the only powerful primal force directly accessible to us.

The sexual pleasure is something legitimate. Those that believe sexual pleasure to be a sin and qualify it as taboo or those that have the tendency to believe that it is something to feel ashamed, are absolutely mistaken. Sexual pleasure is something legitimate and must not be despised, undermined or qualified as taboo. One has the right to the sexual joy. Yet there is a need to understand the sexual energy in its right context, not merely as an object of pleasure.

There are 3 types of sex; Infra Sex,  Normal Sex and Supra Sex.

In Infra sex, the Ida and Pingala laces get ripped, because they vibrate accordingly to our partner, there is an electro-magnetic tension that makes them vibrate in accordance with our partner. Having sex with another person or multiple partners make them tear up because of a different vibration and it takes a lot of effort to regenerate them again. Woman –being the passive element- picks up in every sexual act atoms from the persons she has had sex with, making it harder the development of each one of the males, since one will have to fight not only against his own thousands of defects but moreover against the defects from other persons. There is the KARMA SATYA which is an astral mark that remains after the sexual intercourse, this join the karma of the persons that we’ve had sex with. When a man or woman have an orgasm, they lose in such action the sexual energies that correctly used could transform us into superior beings. During ejaculation/orgasm, there is a peristaltic movement in the sex organs. With that movement, the phallus & the chalice take away from each other the energy that it needs in order to nourish the brain. However, during a union or ejaculation which does not involve the lingam & yoni, the organ, brain and spirit are deprived of the energy.

The fact of biology, of bio-energy, is that man and woman are opposite forces. Negative-positive, yin-yang, or whatsoever you call them, they are challenging to each other. And when they both meet in a deep relaxation, they revitalize each other, they both become generators, they both feel livelier, they both become radiant with new energy, and nothing is lost. Just by meeting with the opposite pole, energy is renewed. This is Normal Sex. Why does oldness exists? Because the sexual glands have become decrepit. When the sexual glands become decrepit, all the endocrine glands also become decrepit and then appears the process of decrepitude and oldness.

Supra Sex is when the regular union of Lingam & Yoni (aka Phallus & Chalice) is not just a physical transaction, but at a higher level, without spilling the sexual fluid. This leads to Sex Magic.

Certainly, we can study sexology from two different angles; one is the mere official point of view, as is taught in schools and universities, in the faculty of medicine, etc., and another, is the Gnostic point of view.

The American Dream

The American dream (or any man made material dream in any country) is a conditioned desire programmed into our life system by the force which does not want us to realize our true nature. The true reason why the force wants you to be ignorant of your higher and glorious self is for you to delve and recognize.

The concept of money was introduced and a material dream was conditioned in your mind. The force supplys you the money you need to live that dream with a condition that your return that supply of money back to the force with interest. This way one is constantly in the debt with the force. The force has set the dream in such a way that one is constantly spending his/her time earning money in order to return it to the force. This way you are tied to the hamster wheel and you run and run and run the wheel in order to sustain your material dream. Absorbed and inundated by this conditioned need to live a labeled material dream, our programmed mind keeps us away from aspiring and achieving our true higher self.

Being in our higher self brings us to a realization that the material world is like an eternal flowing river. At any time we can dip into this river and drink the thirst quenching water we need for our sustenance. Everything in the material world is flowing through us, just as long we allow it to flow. But we have a tendency to want it all of it for ourselves. This stagnation prevents the flow and we ourselves become an obstacle to our spiritual growth. This tendency stems from one of the seeds of desire taking birth from the 4 primitive fountains of food, sex, sleep & self-preservation. These are the 4 primal desires in the material world. Wealth, which is a collection of the means to satisfy the 4 primal desires, is a super desire encompassing all the 4 primal desires. The idea of  gathering material wealth is sold to us in exchange for our ignorance to our higher real self.

Time has come to shake the dust off, break loose the chains and move out of the darkness into the shift. A shift that is already in happening and contantly accelerating. 

Wake up! Time is now!