Need for racial dominance and discrimination. Is it a disease, a mental and emotional disorder?

What you are about to read below is nothing but the plain truth written without any sugar coating. You may call it controversial, but it is nothing but plain truth spoken straight and blunt, and if you analyze the points made here, you will find that it is indeed true; nothing conjured up or made up. So here it is.

Historically, there is only one race on this planet which has had such a compulsive need to prove that they are superior and better than all other races, and have suffered from a desperate need to express their superiority by forcing all other races to comply to their will. This race has gone to great dark extents of setting up parameters just to convince that they are better than others. This race of people have historically gone around the world and killed many indigenous races, and till date continue to do so, while deceivingly convincing the world that the ones they are murdering are savages. This one race has treated all other races like animals, or even worse. They have conjured up and made up laws and rules to discriminate all other races. For many centuries now, they have been forcibly displacing indigenous cultures with their own. They have forced the world to accept their way of thinking and living. This race thinks that they own the planet and can go anywhere on the planet and take over whatever and whenever they please, and do as they will, even when it is disharmonious to all life forms and the planet itself. This race seems to think that it is ‘ok’ for them to take advantage of all other races. This race seems to suffer from a delusion that they are the chosen ones and that they own all other life forms and all natural resources.

Why does this one race have such a compulsive need to prove that they are superior?
Why does this one race suffer from superiority complex?
Why do they think that they are the dominant race?
Why do they feel so in-secured about their existence that they have a need to make up rules to forcibly show that they are better than others?
What makes them behave in such a way?
Why does this race think that it is ‘ok’ for them to do as they please?
Why do they treat all other races as their slaves or servants?
Why are they so connivingly cunning in manipulating the affairs of the world to their gain and liking?
Why does this one race think that it is ‘ok’ for them to deprive all others of their natural birth right?
Why do they have such a desperate need to displace all indigenous cultures with their own culture (or non-culture)?
Why do they feel they own the planet?

If a person were to behave this way, psychologists would diagnose that person as suffering from a mental or emotional disorder, a superiority complex, or even a narcissistic complex. This race could be classified as a spoiled child, a bully, who out of its insecurity has such a desperate need to prove that it is superior to others. Or is it its pure and dark selfish nature?

The unspoken reality is that this race has been, and still is, suffering from disease. A disease of insatiability. A disease of chronic need for dominance. A disease of desperation to control. A disease of wanting everything their way. A disease to desperately and falsely believe that they are the chosen ones and the best. A disease of inequality and disharmony. A disease that makes them brutal; so brutal, that they have killed many millions, and still kill millions, convincing the world that they are killing savages, while in reality they themselves are the savages.

This race has been, and still is, suffering from psychological, emotional and spiritual disorder, and they need help. Yes, they need help.
This race is like a spoiled child. For far too long, we, the rest of the races, have allowed this spoiled childish race to do what it wills, to the extent that this spoiled child is destroying the only planet we call home. There is only so long that we can allow a spoiled adolescent child to run rampant and destroy it for all of us. Perhaps it is time to make this spoiled child learn its lesson and see the truth. Perhaps it is time to stop the diseased ones to rule the world and perhaps it is time to hospitalize the diseased race and treat the disease. It’s time to put the spoiled child in therapy.
We the people of this planet, cannot allow this race to ruin it all for the rest of the people, including themselves. We need to save them from themselves, and in process save and salvage what’s left from the spoiled tantrum and selfishness of this race.

May God help this race open their eyes and see the truth. May God help this race to realize that they are not superior, in fact it’s quite the opposite. May God help this race to see how wrong they have been, and how wrong they still are. May God help this childish race to grow up and learn to start accepting that all are equal and learn to live in harmony. May God give this race the grace to see and accept their fallacy and mistakes.  May God give this race the grace to see that we are all equal and each race, each person has a role to play in this creation and no role is big or small. May God help them to see that the indigenous way of life is the true and harmonious way. May God help all of us to help this spoiled childish race who we have for far too long allowed to run the world to this perilous state that it is now in. May God give us the grace to forgive this race, for they know not what they do.

Enjoy this video below. Stand up comedian Louis CK hits the nail on the head. In fact, what he is speaking is not really jokes for people to laugh at, but the truth.


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Listen American Leaders – Pride ends in a fall, while humility brings honor.

Scriptures and Spiritual teachings say,

“…but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.”

“…humility is said to be the foundation of the spiritual edifice and inferior only to faith.”

“Pride ends in a fall, while humility brings honor. “


But American leaders, despite all the hard times say this,  “we will rebuild, we will recover and emerge stronger than before…

This is not humility, this is Pride, ego-ic pride. The leaders are acting in defiance. Do these leader really represent the people of America?

‘In God We Trust’, isn’t that what America says? Why are they acting out of pride then? We all know: Pride goes before a fall and it is not of God.


At this rate, what do you feel is the obvious future of America?

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We allow, hence it happens

In the medieval times, there once was a king who hearing that the prince of a neighboring territory was advancing upon his capital to lay siege to it, held a council, calling all the people for advice as to how to defend the country from the enemy.
The engineers advised the building of a high earthen mound with a huge trench all around the capital; The carpenters proposed the construction of a wooden wall; The shoe-makers suggested that the same wall be built of leather, for ‘there is nothing like leather’ they said. But the blacksmiths shouted out that they were all wrong and that the wall should be built of iron. And then came the lawyers with the argument that the best way to defend the state was to tell the enemy in a legal way that they were in the wrong and out of court in attempting to confiscate another’s property. Finally came the priests, who laughed them all to scorn, saying, ‘You are all talking like lunatics! First of all the gods must be propitiated with sacrifices, and then only can we be invincible.’

Instead of defending their kingdom they argued and fought among themselves. Meanwhile the enemy advanced, stormed and sacked the city.

Even so are men (as in humanity).

Upon reading this story, one question comes to mind. Aren’t we the same today?

We propose, suggest, shout out, argue with, laugh at or scorn at the ‘matter-of-fact’ while the ‘matter-of-fact’ takes its course of action and we face its consequences. We keep proposing, suggesting, shouting out, arguing, laughing at, or disdaining the ‘matter-of-fact’ while the ‘matter-of-fact’ takes its course of action and we keep facing the consequences.

We have allowed the government to be contaminated by the politicians, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the politician to run the government when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand the true meaning of service.

We have allowed our community (as humanity) to be contaminated by the deceiving, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the deceivers to run our community (as earth-ians) when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand oneness.

We have allowed our spirituality to be contaminated by the ignorant, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the ignorant to run our spirits when it really should be run by men of wisdom who have higher knowledge.

We have allowed our ecological system to be contaminated by the greedy, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the greedy to run our ecological system when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand and respect the symbiotic system.

We have allowed our cultural system to be contaminated by the manipulators, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the manipulators to run our cultural system when it really should be run by men of wisdom who operate from their heart center.

We have allowed our history to be contaminated by the liars, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the liars to teach us history when it really should be taught by men of wisdom who know the true lineage of humanity.

We have allowed the financial system to be contaminated by the hoard, who are busy running their own agenda. We have allowed the hoard to run the financial system when it really should be run by men of wisdom who understand energy and its flow.

We have allowed our mind to be contaminated by misinformation. We have allowed our emotions to be controlled by the external world. We have allowed our body to be affected by external stimulus.

We have allowed negative aspects of humanity to run our world, our home, our mother Earth.

Why are we allowing this? Why are we allowing these ‘matter-of-facts’ to take their course of action and then face their consequences?

It is time to stop letting the unworthy run our world. It is time to rise and shine as humanity in its true spirit. It is time to clean up the mess and look forward towards a future that may be filled with lots of hardship, but it is the one that paves way to the golden age. Many of us will depart this physical world by choice or by force. Some of us will have to remain in the physical world under all conditions and circumstances to ensure the continuation of humanity in its physical form.

peace & Love

Photo: Brian Hillegas 

Video: killuminatiAFF

The Maha Cohan

1. Become conscious always of your aspiration to embody the full expression of Godhood, and devote all of your being and service to that end.

2. Learn the lessons of harmlessness—neither by word, nor thought, nor feeling will you ever inflict evil or harm upon any part of life. Know that action and physical violence will keep you in the realm of pain, suffering and mortality.

3. Stir not a brother’s sea of emotion thoughtlessly or deliberately. Know that the storm in which you would place his spirit will sooner or later flow upon the banks of your own lifestream. Rather bring always tranquility, love, harmony and peace to all life.

4. Disassociate yourself from the personal and planetary delusion. Never allow yourself to love your little self more than the harmony of the universe. If you are right, there is no need to acclaim it. If you are wrong, pray for forgiveness.

5. Walk gently upon the Earth and through the universe, knowing that the body is a sacred temple, in which dwells the Holy Spirit, bringing peace and illumination to Life everywhere. Keep your temple always in a respectful and purified manner, as befitting the habitation of the Spirit of Love and Truth. Respect and honor with gentle dignity all other temples, knowing that often within a crude exterior burns a great light.

6. In the presence of Nature, absorb the beauties and gifts of Her kingdoms in gentle gratitude. Do not desecrate Her by vile thoughts, sounds or emotions, or by physical acts that despoil Her virgin beauty. Honor the Earth, “the Mother” that is hosting your evolutionary pathway.

7.  Do not form nor offer opinions unless invited to do so, and then, only after prayer and silent invocation for guidance. Speak when God chooses to say something through you. At other times it is best to speak little, or to remain peace fully silent.

8.  Let your heart sing a song of gratitude and joy unto God. Be grateful always for all that you have received and that you have in the now moment. Tap in to the River of Life, River of Love and Abundance that lies within the Sacred Heart.

9.  In speech and action be gentle, but with the dignity that always accompanies the Presence of the living God that lives within the temple of your being. Constantly place all the faculties of your being and all the inner unfoldment of your nature at the feet of the God-power, endeavoring to manifest the perfection of compassion when meeting those in distress.

10. Let your word be spoken in gentleness, humility, and loving service. Do not allow the impression of humility to be mistaken for lethargy, for the servant of the Lord, like the sun in the heavens, is eternally vigilant and constantly out pouring the gifts of Love to those who open their hearts to receive them.

What path is this that I am leading?

“What path is this that I am leading?
Some times there are thunder clouds hovering on my head,
other times there is bright shining light.

What path is this that I am leading?
Some times I fall and fail,
other times I fall and rise.

What path is this I am leading?
Some times I feel like I am lost in the dark,
other times I shine like the sun.

What path is this I am leading?
Some times I delve into the dark side,
other times I relish the light.

What path is this I am leading?
Some times I think I need to run my life,
other times I enjoy being led by the force.

What path is this I am leading?
Some times it is,
other times it is not.

What path is this I am leading?
Some times I am,
other times I am not.

What path is this I Am leading?”


Why Does All Planning and No Action Make Jack a Dull Boy?

This morning I was listening to the coach-cast (podcast) by my mentor, motivator and life coach, JB Glossinger of JB as always, was awesome as he explored into the subject of ‘how we tend to get stuck in planning and lack action’. The words he used was “Plan, but don’t get cooked in the plans & strategy”. His content brought a message to me and I will share it with you. It’s only an extension of what JB said.

To reach a goal, a plan is needed. The purpose of the plan is to work out the details like, what is the purpose of the goal?, why the goal?, what  actions need to be taken to achieve the goal?

Start by putting a plan together. Having put a plan together, we need to keep our minds open to any change. Once the detailing of the plan is done, our mind should shift its focus to the actions that needs to be taken. Since the planning phase is complete, the only thing that remains in front of us is to act on the first action that is on the plan list, immediately. With a focussed mind, we need to put all our energy and spirit into that piece of action, how ever small that action may seem to us at that time. One action at a time. Anyways, we, in the current state of existence, are capable of performing only one action at a time, and that is a whole another topic.

The reason why we get stuck in the plan phase is because our focus is too much on the plan and our expectation of the results from those plan actions. Our focus is on the fruit of our action rather than the action itself. Change being the only consistent thing in our universe, sometimes some of our action items from our plan do not bring to us expected results. Since our focus is on the fruit of the action, our mind interprets the unexpected result as a failure. That is when negativity creeps in. The sly and the deceitful one. The negativity in our-self frustrates us and induces fear in us, attempting to convince us to give up working towards our goal(s). Mass consciousness has been convinced by this dark force and they have given up and/or will give up several goals in life.

The scriptures talk about the wide and clear path going to the dark side, while the narrow and difficult path going to heaven. The heaven that is within you and without you.

So, Plan! but…..

  • keep 100% focus on the action you are performing to reach the goal.
  • take only one step at a time and give it your all.
  • be in the Now.
  • most important, have faith and let the universe guide you. Follow his/her will. “My Father’s/Mother’s will is my will”. Once you actualize this understanding, you won’t need to plan.

“Focus on the action, not the fruit of the action” – Bhagavad Gita

Peace & Love


More Than Words

Does it matter what words you conscuiously choose to express an idea or thought?

Let’s first ask ourselves this question. What is reality? According to wikipedia, “Reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or may be thought to be.” That we know is an old and obsolete definition. Esoterically, we know that reality is only in our mind and the impressions. Reality is only thoughts, words and forms.

Esoteric gnosis teaches us that our words have power over our thoughts and actions. They also impact and influence people we speak/communicate to. Since thoughts determine actions, there’s a powerful connection between the words we use and the results we get.
Words create impressions, images and expectations. They build psychological connections. They influence how we think. Different words evoke different feelings.  Well chosen ones can motivate, offer hope, create vision, impact thinking and alter results. Words and statements work both ways, to build or destroy. It is the way we use them that determines whether they are going to bring good or harmful results.

So, Does it really matter what words you conscuiously choose to express an idea or thought?

Majority of the population thinks in words, in a language that they are most comfortable and familiar with. That makes words very powerful. Whether within our own thoughts, spoken or written, words have the power to transform the world we live in. Hypnotherapists are told not to use negatives in their hypnotic suggestions. They are told, “the subconscious mind doesn’t “hear” negatives”. The subconscious mind does not hear the negative and therefore any negative suggestion will be heard in the positive. The Subconscious mind accepts what is put into it WITHOUT QUESTION because it is, unlike the conscious mind, non-analytical, non-critical, non-judgmental, non-thinking mind.

What is the point of all this?

The point is to provoke your thought into picking right set of words to experss any idea or communication. Positve sentences tell us what something is, should be, has or does. Negative sentence tells us what something is not, should not be, has not been or does not do.

Negative sentences:
1. I hate bananas
2. No more negative news
3. I will fail

Same communication can be turned around into postive sentence
1. I don’t like bananas
2. Positive news only
3. I will not succeed

An experiment for you to do:
Try saying (out loud) a sentence/message. First, say it as a negative sentence a few times. Feel the vibe of the sentence and be aware of the feeling it creates with in you. Next, say the same as a positive sentence a few times. Feel the vibe of the sentence and be aware of the feeling it creates with in you. Do you notice the difference? The feel and the vibe of these sentences are very different. The positive sentence creates a good feel in you, even if the message has negative intent. The negative sentence creates a heavy feeling and you almost cringe, even if the message has positive intent.

So choose your words wisely and very carefully. Turn your communication around. Use positive words only. All the time, every time.

peace & love