Linear income Vs Residual income

1What is linear income?

Linear income also called active income is money you earn for your effort. In order words linear income is money you earn when you show up at work. Almost all employed or self-employed persons earn linear income. Employees of government, doctors, lawyers, artisans, teacher, franchise owners, etc., earn linear income. If they do not got to work or attend to their clients, they are not paid.
The benefit of earning money this way is that you earn money every month as long as you show up for work.

What is passive income?

Passive income is an income you receive on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. Passive income, also known as residual income, is a stream of income that you can earn many times.
Here are several sources of passive income:
Royalty income: For example, singers are paid royalties every time their songs plays on radio or on television, regardless of how long ago they sang it?  This is a form of royalty income.
Dividends: Are money paid out by a corporation to its shareholder members.  You earn money because you are an owner of the company.
Rental income: You can also earn income when you invest in a property that you rented out to people.
Interest income: These are income you earn as Interests from savings and fixed deposits.
Website income: You can earn money from owning a business on the web.  Properly done a website will continue to earn you money regardless of the time of the day.  Your clients can buy your products and services online at any time because the whole transaction is automatic.
Network Marketing and Multilevel marketing: You can earn money from being an active member of one or many multilevel network marketing groups. Money is generated regardless of the time of the day. Your clients and network partners buy and service online which generates income for you.

Which is better linear Income or Passive Income?

So, would you rather earn linear income or passive income?  You decide!
As for me, I would rather earn passive income

It’s important to live and enjoy our very short and temporary time we have here on this precious Earth. There is nothing worse than working so hard 5 long days per/week for a long period of time, and in the end you don’t have the income needed once your hard working years is over.



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Why Does All Planning and No Action Make Jack a Dull Boy?

This morning I was listening to the coach-cast (podcast) by my mentor, motivator and life coach, JB Glossinger of JB as always, was awesome as he explored into the subject of ‘how we tend to get stuck in planning and lack action’. The words he used was “Plan, but don’t get cooked in the plans & strategy”. His content brought a message to me and I will share it with you. It’s only an extension of what JB said.

To reach a goal, a plan is needed. The purpose of the plan is to work out the details like, what is the purpose of the goal?, why the goal?, what  actions need to be taken to achieve the goal?

Start by putting a plan together. Having put a plan together, we need to keep our minds open to any change. Once the detailing of the plan is done, our mind should shift its focus to the actions that needs to be taken. Since the planning phase is complete, the only thing that remains in front of us is to act on the first action that is on the plan list, immediately. With a focussed mind, we need to put all our energy and spirit into that piece of action, how ever small that action may seem to us at that time. One action at a time. Anyways, we, in the current state of existence, are capable of performing only one action at a time, and that is a whole another topic.

The reason why we get stuck in the plan phase is because our focus is too much on the plan and our expectation of the results from those plan actions. Our focus is on the fruit of our action rather than the action itself. Change being the only consistent thing in our universe, sometimes some of our action items from our plan do not bring to us expected results. Since our focus is on the fruit of the action, our mind interprets the unexpected result as a failure. That is when negativity creeps in. The sly and the deceitful one. The negativity in our-self frustrates us and induces fear in us, attempting to convince us to give up working towards our goal(s). Mass consciousness has been convinced by this dark force and they have given up and/or will give up several goals in life.

The scriptures talk about the wide and clear path going to the dark side, while the narrow and difficult path going to heaven. The heaven that is within you and without you.

So, Plan! but…..

  • keep 100% focus on the action you are performing to reach the goal.
  • take only one step at a time and give it your all.
  • be in the Now.
  • most important, have faith and let the universe guide you. Follow his/her will. “My Father’s/Mother’s will is my will”. Once you actualize this understanding, you won’t need to plan.

“Focus on the action, not the fruit of the action” – Bhagavad Gita

Peace & Love