Is gender equality really a pseudo-concept?

Just like the properties, behavior and purpose of fire is quite different from that of water, the properties, behavior and purpose of men and women are quite different from each other in this creation. Looking at the big picture, just like everything else, each was created to serve a purpose, hence have different properties to serve that purpose and is designed to behave complimentary to each other, once again to serve the greater purpose. However big or small, there is no equality between any two things in this creation. Each has its own distinct and important place in the universe, however different their roles may be. Why then do we ignorantly talk about equality between two different creations? How can we ever equate fire and water? How then can we even talk about equality of men and women? Wouldn’t that be a pseudo-concept?

Universe will be thrown into a chaos if water were to get envious of or feel inferior to fire and start behaving like fire, just to prove its equality. The same is true with any element or creation. If any one creation-of-the-universe, under the influence of diabolical and deceptive ignorance decides to compete with another creation-of-the-universe, attempting to behave like and prove that they can do what the other can, only chaos results. The same is true of men and women.

If the argument about gender equality is that of one gender being mistreated by another, which the feminists do, then one has to remember very profoundly that “it takes two to tango”. “It takes two hands to clap”, no matter which relationship is involved, and it takes both side to make or break things.

If there is to be a genuine equality of gender, why have hypocritical double standards? Why only the kind that applies to the benefit of one gender, usually women. For instance men at work carry their own boxes, the women ask him to carry it for them because she is a woman. When conflict happens society will usually take the woman’s side for believing she is right. Women want men to play traditional roles, while they want to benefit from the new age. Women want to be equal, but a man is still expected to put her first. Women want to lash out against men, but expect men to be sensitive. It is usually women who decide what is equal or not. The result is that equality is only applied where it suits and benefits them. When women don’t want to be equal then they are quick to neglect that out of focus, or find a reason to justify inequality.

If there is to be a genuine equality of gender, why have hypocritical double standards? Why do we not let women also play fair and fight and get blown up in wars. When lives are to be saved, why are women and children first? When the titanic sank, why were the lifeboats given first to women and children and let hundreds of men drown? Why doesn’t the government sponsor men’s right organization? Just like women’s rights day, why isn’t there a men’s rights day? If women are really so much against pornography, why are the porn stars women? The list is endless.

Gender equality is a pseudo-concept. Men and women have their place in the creation. it is only modernizations that has waged them against each other. Hence the chaos in modern society.

Hey, happiness comes from within and each is responsible for his/her own happiness, nobody owes no one anything. No men or woman are the slaves to one or the other. If men or woman want to really start living as equals, then they’d better start considering “respect” and actually act like equals and take care of themselves.




UFO Hunters – How objects enter water without a splash or sound?

The other day I had the opportunity of watching a TV program on the history channel based on UFOs and USOs. The documentary was hosted by Kevin Cook, Pat Uskert and Bill Birnes. There was an interesting topic that was touched upon in this show which documented that these UFOs and USOs flew into the water (sea or ocean) and out of the water at great speeds with out splashing any water and without making any sound. Unfortunately, in the show, the attempt to understand this phenomenon was done with an ‘inside the box’ approach. The hosts of the show collaborated with a physicist and created a model of the UFO and conducted an experiment to see how they could reduce or eliminate the splashing of water when a solid body enters water, and needless to say the experiment failed. This experiment may have proved the point that these UFOs are not any of our conventional flying machines, but It was disappointing to see that the scientists never approached this phenomenon from a quantum mechanics perspective.


Classical physics tells us that we live in a three dimensional space. Quantum physics tells us that there are multiple dimensions, both above and below our dimension. My gnostic mysticism teaches me that what is above so is below. (I think the world will benefit a lot when we realize that the spiritual teachings and quantum teachings are one and the same. Our quantum knowledge being at an infantile stage). Putting these knowing together, one cannot help but see that the UFOs/USOs are actually operating in a higher dimension. 4th dimension perhaps?


To help understand how an object from the 4D world would be perceived in our 3D world, we can conduct a very simple experiment to understand how a 3D object would be perceived in a sample 2D world and use it as an analogy. Let us try to understand the effect a 3D object has on the 2D world. Imagine a 2D world on a 8.5″ x 11″ thin white sheet of paper. The beings of this 2D world are clearly unable to see our world as most of our world is outside their sheet of paper and the extra dimension of depth is beyond their comprehension. Just like in our world, even in the 2D world when an object hits another object, there is a collision and the collision has its effects. Would the same be true when a 3D object collides with a 2D object? Not necessarily.


Take a cylindrical object (say a can), put the sheet of paper up towards a source of light (say lamp or sun) and move the cylindrical object between the source of light and the sheet of paper. A shadow or silhouette is formed on the sheet of paper. Depending upon the orientation of the cylinder the shadow may appear circular or rectangular. This shadow, moving towards an object in the 2D world, would be expected to collide. But the shadow flies right through, without any collision. What the 2D world sees as being on collision course with their world is merely a projection of an object in the 3D world that in reality is not on a collision course with their world. The shadow will pass right thru the 2D world. The same way the UFOs that  are traveling in the 4D world may cast a projection on our 3D world and this projection will not follow the 3D physical principles as it is merely a projection from the 4D world. Here, I have used the 4th dimension (4D) as an example for a higher dimension. In reality the objects could be from 5th or 6th or even higher dimension.


Even though it appears like these objects are on a collision course with our world, the UFOs/USOs that fly in and out of water without a splash or sound do so because they are actually not colliding with the water body of our 3D world. It is merely a projection of an object that is operating in a higher dimension.


This is my attempt to explain a very complex phenomenon in plain language so to make everybody understand. Of course it is a whole different topic of discussion that these UFOs and USOs may be one and the same and they may actually be operated by our ancient earth-ians.